Studio practice with Nia Peeples and Ellis

Oh my gosh, these are busy times around here….as you’ve probably noticed by my week off of blogging!

Not intentional trust me, it’s just sometimes…well, I’m busy living life and there truly is not time to stop and write about it.

I’m way behind and have so much to tell. This will be a quick post though…just the highlights from our recent trip to visit our friends Sam & Nia in Malibu.

Malibu always means surfing and beach time – yahoo!!

Pops, Sam and Nia all loaded up on the golf cart ready to head to the beach!
Pops, Sam and Nia all loaded up on the golf cart ready to head to the beach!

Malibu hasn’t meant “golfing” in the past, but I think now it might. We had a fun golf lesson session up at the beautiful Malibu Country Club. It was so gorgeous there, I’d go back just to visit the beautiful scenery!

Nia getting some swing tips from our host Ron
Nia getting some swing tips from our host Ron – Nori documenting it :)

I learned a DELISH drink tip from Nia on this trip…fresh lemon water with stevia!! Who knew this could be just so yummy and just what you need on those warm weather days. Squeeze 3-4 lemons in a pitcher, add 1 1/2 tablespoons stevia and fill with water. Chill in the fridge for enjoying later!

lemon water
see how emtpy this pitcher is…shhhh I think I drank almost all of it!

If you get to visit Malibu soon, you have to stop by the Sun Life Organics shop!! Oh my gosh!! They have so many delicious raw and vegan food and drink options!

vegan shake from Sun Life Organics
Vegan chocolate protein and peanut butter smoothie – one word…YUM!

They also have these over-the-top ice cream cookie sandwiches…trust me, I could only take 1 bite! They were so rich!

Beachy Ice Cream

We were so lucky to be visiting over Bu La La Festival weekend! Bu La La is a festival put on by the Malibu Guild to raise money for Mending Kids International –  a great cause by the way.

The day before heading to the festival, I was treated to watching the singing rehearsal of Nia and her backup singers – her friend Susan, her son Christopher and his girlfriend and bandmate Elora (their band is Ellis). It was like my own private concert – so much fun!!

band practice
This photo and the one at the top of the post are from the rehearsal session.

Bu La La was just so much fun and I was so happy we got to see so many of our Malibu friends there!!

Bu La La

AND that we got to see Nia’s son’s band Ellis play live!!!

The band Ellis – they are AMAZING!!

AND a little bonus….Gene Loves Jezebel performed also…a quick little flashback to my 80s days!!

Gene Loves Jezebel at Bu La La
Gene Loves Jezebel

I promise, I have about a gazillion more photos of each of these moments above!! I returned home Monday night to face 4 very busy days at work…wouldn’t you know…so I didn’t have time to get all my photos organized and downloaded. I will have them up soon, some here in posts and all up on my Flickr account. I’ll keep you posted – there are even some performance videos too!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous first weekend of October – I just LOVE this time of year!

Bubba in the sunshine
Bubba is so enjoying the Fall sunshine!

Happy Saturday Everyone!


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