Ahhh, Maui!

We’re back…after visiting together 20 years ago! We came here the first summer I met Pops. Back then, he was still teaching so we mainly traveled in the summertime and that first summer I made my first ever trip to Hawaii – visiting Oahu and Maui with him.

That first trip, 20 years ago, we stayed with friends. On Oahu, we stayed with our friends Dave and Rell and in Maui with stayed with more friends, Kit and Shelly. In one way that trip seems like ages ago and in another the memories are so strong it could’ve only been a few years.

This time around, we are here for a much more special occasion than just a 20 year re-visit – my good friend Leilani is marrying her longtime love Jeff!

I am so excited for them!!

On a side note, I will be taking photographs of their special day and am a bit nervous about that – aaahh the pressure!!

This trip to Hawaii, we are staying at the Royal Lahaina on Ka’anapali beach in Maui.

I will be sharing a lot more details of this wonderful hotel, but for now here’s a picture of the morning view from our room (if we look to the right we can see the ocean – I’ll get a photo of that to share, too)

hotel room view

Oh and here’s our cute hotel room bed – decorated in Hawaiian style:

hotel room bed

Because we didn’t stay in this part of Maui last time, we’re seeing a lot of new (to us) areas.

We’re loving getting our exercise in the morning on the Beach Walk – which goes all along the coastline here. Today we logged 7.5 miles of walking along the path. It’s a great way to get oriented and see the other hotels along the way. Not to mention checking out restaurant menus, spa options, shops and shopping malls and, of course, viewing continual beautiful scenery.

beach walk view

So, I’m happy to say after starting our trip by burning my arm on the iron and ripping off a nail on my suitcase the morning of departure, and then, finding out I left a whole stack of clothing outside of my suitcase and still sitting at home on the bed – including all my swimsuits (major Senior Moment) that this vacation is shaping up to be a lovely time.

Here’s to many more special moments this trip!

Maui Sunset
Hula Dancer performing at sunset at the Royal Lahaina




P.S. All the photos in this post were taken with my iPhone…..I’m really getting into iPhoneography (yes, that is a thing) and am looking forward to taking an online class I signed up for. While I LOVE my Nikon, it is just so easy to snap away with my phone – AND it’s always with me!!