Dead Horse Point

We continue on Day 2 of our trip where we head to Dead Horse Point State Park after visiting Arches National Park.

Dead Horse Point is located outside of Moab at an elevation of about 6,000 feet….and more importantly, the views along this high plateau, 2,000 feet above the Colorado River, are just amazing!

Dead Horse Point dhp2

I’m going to have you make a little note about what the clouds are doing in the photos I’m posting….kinda looks like a storm is rolling in even though the sun is shining?

Dead Horse Point

Just a fantastic view to see!

We start our hike out to the actual “point” from the Visitor’s Center:

Dead Horse Point

The views are breathtaking along the whole trail.

Dead Horse Point dhp6

Seriously, the colors, the lighting, does it even get better than this?

Dead Horse Point dhp8 dhp9

When we finally reach the “point”, we can see that there is some REAL weather action happening out there:

Dead Horse Point dhp11

Oh, and I might note, we also start to hear some thunder….


I admit, I may be so busy snapping photos, that I hardly notice the weather because I’m in awe of the views and I love the shots I’m getting.

Dead Horse Point

So, I take the 2nd Panorama shot of the trip:

Dead Horse Point

Then Kimberly takes this photo of Pops and I:

Dead Horse Point

Now, right after she snaps this photo, we see a group of other people doing the same thing..taking photos, but what they’re shooting is the fact that one woman’s hair is literally standing straight up on


As in there’s so much static in the air, she’s about to be electrocuted!!! (I admit, I wish I had gotten a photo of this – if I were an awesome blogger I would’ve risked all to get it!)…

Next thing I know…Kimberly is RUNNING!! 

Yes, RUNNING away from the point we’re standing on…oh and Pops is following her!! So, of course, I start running too!

The storm is VERY MUCH coming in and heading straight for us…I’m pretty much happy I’m the shortest of our team at this point – lighting looks for the highest point, right?!

When we get a bit away, and everyone slows down a bit, I snap a few more shots:

Dead Horse Point dhp18 dhp19

By the time we arrive back at the Visitor’s Center, we’re pretty much in the middle of a hail storm!


Here’s a quick video of the hail storm:

Well, there you have it…part two of Day 2 – what an AWESOME trip so far…and it’s only just begun!