Month: April 2017

Vegan Food Share

Vegan Food Finds April 2017

Ready to hear about my latest vegan food finds? I just returned home from my monthly visit to the “Mother Ship” – which is what I call the largest Whole Foods store in our area – and I thought I’d share a few of the vegan food finds I discovered today. Some of these items […] Read more…

bread baking baguette pan

Weekend Bread Baker

Lately I have become, what I like to call, a Weekend Bread Baker. Because of work during the week, I feel like I can only do justice to the bread baking process on weekends. I am currently obsessed with creating the perfect sourdough baguettes. During the week, I do spend some time maintaining the sourdough […] Read more…

San Francisco Spring Break

San Francisco Spring Break 2017

Once again, we head to San Francisco with our Grandsons for some Spring Break fun! We were lucky this year to have 3 days of beautiful weather tucked in-between Spring showers. There are so many things to do in San Francisco and we begin this trip with visiting Golden Gate Park. Our first adventure is […] Read more…