Ready to hear about my latest vegan food finds? I just returned home from my monthly visit to the “Mother Ship” – which is what I call the largest Whole Foods store in our area – and I thought I’d share a few of the vegan food finds I discovered today. Some of these items are from companies I already know and love and some are new. I’ll also share an item that I stock up on every time I shop there.

Vegan Food Finds

In case you’re wondering, there is a Whole Foods closer to my house, but it’s a smaller store that doesn’t carry ALL these fabulous vegan food options. First up, I’m so excited to try these Kite Hill spinach and mushroom raviolis made with almond milk ricotta! The hardest decision will be what (if any) sauce to use with these!

Kite Hill vegan ravioli

I also purchased Kite Hill vanilla flavored almond yogurt! Have you heard of Kite Hill? If not, check out their website for their products and to read all their rave reviews.

Kite Hill vanilla vegan yogurt

The most common question vegans get asked is “where do you get your protein?”. Honestly, if you mention to anyone that you try to eat a vegan diet, it will be less than 30 seconds before this question comes up. Of course, we get protein from lots of sources, but just so you know, yes, I do eat lots and lots of beans. Luckily, I LOVE them and the new packaged varieties from Better Bean are just delicious!!

Better Bean beans

The Better Bean Company makes many flavors that will compliment almost any meal you can come up. They’re also great just by themselves when you need a little bit of a snack.

Bet you think eating vegan means giving up on pestos. Well, there are actually many options for make vegan pestos at home, but here is the first brand I’ve found with a “pre-made” vegan pesto – Bear Pond Farm.

Bear Pond Farm spicy vegan pesto

They make non-vegan versions too and all their herb pesto sauces and dips are also organic! This beautiful pesto is enriched with sunflower seeds. I cannot wait to try this on a variety of dishes.

Next up, one of the absolute staples I purchase on every trip to the “Mother Ship” East and West Gourmet Foods Bolanis!

East and West Gourmet Foods Bolani

Bolanis are a traditional Afghani flatbread stuffed and baked with either spinach, pumpkin, red potato, or green lentil filling. This week, I purchased the potato and the lentil varieties. Oh my goodness are they yummy. Bonus – they are low in calories, so you can enjoy them with no worries!

These are my vegan food shares for this week. I hope you’ll feel encouraged to give these delicious treats a try. I’ll be trying to share more of my vegan favorites and discoveries at least once a month, so I hope you’ll return for more.

This post is NOT sponsored by anyone. The opinions are all my own and I have received nothing free and no compensation for writing this post. Just sharing items I love.


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  1. All these foods look divine Jen :) Just returned from Thailand, where all veggie is vegan with the absence of dairy and such. We enjoyed complete, filling veggie meals from a local Buddhist vegetarian restaurant for $2 a day between me and my wife. Brilliant! Missing it so.


    • Hi Ryan…Oh how I loved the food in Thailand when we went!! Our tour group had many vegetarians in it so we were all motivated to find similar foods together! AND the prices canNOT be beat!! We’re heading back that way in December – only a short time in Thailand and then touring along the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar – I’m so excited for this trip! Thanks for viewing my post and commenting!! ~ Jen

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