The importance of meditation is a subject I’ve shared and written about before. Taking the time for meditation and gratitude have become a daily priority in our home. While there are many forms of meditation, I also believe there are benefits to knowing and using a variety of techniques. I love to learn new ways to bring peace and calmness into my life and believe in keeping all the techniques that work for me handy for any given moment or situation. One of the newest techniques we’re using around our home is the Aware Meditation App.

Using Aware

Aware Meditation

Both Pops and I have been using and loving the Aware Meditation App. Since I’ve written about how important the benefits of meditation are for me in the past, I’ve asked Pops to write a few words about how he feels about using this latest app. Here are his words:

For the past 3 months I’ve been using the Aware Meditation App and I’ve found it to be a very effective addition to my current meditation program.

The program has over 20 courses on various subjects including happiness, relationships, anger, motivation, creativity and others. Each course has approximately 20 guided meditations that begin at 10 minutes long and then go up to 15 and 20 minutes. In a calm and soothing voice the narrator uses different techniques to guide you into a successful meditation. Meditation has been taught to millions of people in the East over thousands of years and when used can be a very effective method for bringing peace and happiness into your life.

In addition to the aforementioned courses, there are “Energizers” which are short mini meditations of approximately 3 minutes that can be used at any time. The Aware App also includes ambient sounds such as rain, wind, beach, etc.

I sincerely feel that anyone who takes the time to go through these courses could learn to meditate and find for themselves the benefits and rewards of following a daily program.

Aware Subscriptions

Are you ready to try the Aware Meditation App for yourself and gain unlimited access to hundreds of life-changing guided meditation sessions, energizers, and mindfulness singles? These are the following types of subscriptions available:

  • Free 7 days
  • Monthly $3.00
  • Yearly $29.99
  • Lifetime $74.99

Click this link to sign up and download the app: Aware Meditation App

Use the code AWARE50 to get 50% off the subscription you choose and get ready to reduce stress in your life, sleep better, focus better and maintain an overall level of happiness.

Please let me know if you try this app and how much you like it. I’d truly love to know!

NOTE: This post contains affiliate links for the Aware Meditation App, which means I get some compensation if you sign up using my link. If you are uncomfortable with that, you can sign up by just searching for the App, but please be sure to use the code AWARE50 anyways to get a discount.

Peace and Light!