I have no problem admitting today is my birthday….I know some women do.

I also have no issue with admitting I just turned 42.

The reason I have no problem with saying these things is simple…

This past year, I’ve felt so BLESSED!

Blessed to have another amazing year of marriage to my best friend.

Blessed to have the 2 best daughters anyone could ask for.
me with mimi and libby

Blessed to have these precious Grandsons to hug and smooch and laugh with.
Hunter & Westly

Blessed to have the snorks and snuggles of this baby frenchie.
bubba snoozing

Blessed to have a mom that always there for me in every way.
me and mom

Blessed to have visited family I haven’t seen in years.
Welch Family

Blessed to have a dear friend pass her 5 year “cancer free” anniversary.
maura and lucy

Blessed to see one cousin get married…
kim wedding

another pregnant with her 3rd beautiful baby…

another play with her adorable son….
Elissa and Joshua

and another to see he’s grown into such a caring, artistic incredible man.
Mikey and Sean

Blessed to have a nephew who lights up my whole world when I get to spend time with him.

There were so many, many blessings this past year…this is just listing a few for the moment…I’m sure there will be more to come because I’m so luck to have a life filled with incredible friends, family members, co-workers and, of course, blog readers!

My blog is almost a year old…another birthday to celebrate soon and I thank you all for sharing this year with me.

Blessings & Love,
~ Lita


6 Comments on A Blessed Year

  1. Lita…At 42 I can’t believe you have me in my bathing suit! You are a rock star and I love being part of your family! xo Happy belated Birthday!!!

    • Maura…you’re rocking that swimsuit…you are the ultimate in health and fitness in all areas of your life…Happy New Year my dear sweet friend!! I love you!! xoxo

    • Awww Erin, thank you so much!! Meeting you through this blogging world has definitely been one of the biggest joys I’ve had this year! Happy Holidays!

  2. The world needs MORE posts like that Jen – wow gave me goosebumps! Happy Birthday!!!

    • Lindsey…I can’t tell you how much your comment means to me!! Thank you so much! AND Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

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