Pop’s and I go for walks everyday. We love walking and we’re so lucky, we live in an amazing town for walking. We’re also very spoiled and live close enough to incredible places to take walks and incredible trails to hike.

One of our favorite places to walk is in Palo Alto at Stanford University.

It is simply a beautiful campus. The buildings, the landscaping, the people (ok, why wouldn’t they be happy going to college there), everything. It’s amazing.

There’s also a museum on campus and lots of outside art throughout the campus. This piece is called Rams Head and Horse:

Truly, I wasn’t getting it – but then I looked up close:

Ok, I kinda see the Rams Head – but I’m thinking the horse looks more like a manatee. Maybe they meant “sea” horse?

I feel like if every child could visit the Stanford campus, they would all be inspired to strive in school and aim for attending college there.

Bubba loves it there.

It drives him to contemplate the creation of the universe.

Go Cardinals!