I’m certainly not the healthiest person you’ve ever known. But, after being a vegetarian for most of my life (I’ll admit to taking a few years off to cook meaty meals for my daughters and my husband, Pops), I’ve chosen to go Vegan.

Now, I try not to be hardcore to the point of alienating people, but really, I’ve noticed some changes I’m happy about. Mind you, it’s only been about 2 1/2 months now, and still I’ve noticed fewer cravings, clearer skin and just a general sense of well-being. One thing I noticed by being vegetarian – and I noticed this diminishing when I was not – is an ever stronger sense of taste. I’m not sure how that works really, but I truly enjoy eating the “healthy” stuff in their most simple state.

I truly believe that any step we take, no matter how small, to be more in touch with our bodies (not to mention our environment), has positive results. It’s all about becoming conscious. Being conscious about what goes in, goes on and goes around our bodies is a big part of living a more eco-friendly, greener, kinder-to-the-planet lifestyle.

I’m fortunate that Pops (my husband) will eat just about anything I place in front of him. AND fortunate to live in an area where being vegan and vegetarian is quite common and tolerated – and even celebrated at times. I’ve truly found I can create almost anything without using animal products and while saving taste – even improving it in my opinion.

While you might not go totally vegan after reading about my tales and my favorite recipes, maybe you’ll find yourself something tasty to make that’s good for you too. Bon appetite!