There are so many incredible people in my life, and I just happen to have hundreds of photos of them. Here are some of the boys that I love, love, love with all my heart.

This first one was taken at Stinson Beach last year. They look cold, but oh so handsome!

Bubba and Pops at the beach

Pops and his Grandsons – so very precious! It is near impossible to catch a shot of all of them looking at the camera at the same time…we’re working on that.

Westly, Pops and Hunter

This is my incredibly handsome nephew Ty. I’ve loved him from the moment he was born when he looked up at me with those big brown eyes! He’s growing up way too fast!


I have a thing for giving people nicknames – always done with complete love and affection. Here are a few:

Pops – a.k.a. Peanut Lips (check out those sexy, thin lips!)

Hunter – a.k.a. Chunk (for chunka chunka burnin’ love)

Westly – a.k.a. Lini a.k.a. crazy baby (if you’ve been around an 18 month old boy, you know what I mean – don’t be fooled by that sweet, innocent look)

Ty (bo)

Bubba-loooooooooooooooo, a.k.a. chikini, buffaloaf, aaahh this list goes on and on and on

Here’s a photo of Hunter from our recent trip to Knott’s Berry Farm.

Here’s one of Westly from that trip too – still looking innocent.

This photo of Ty is from a couple of  years ago taken at Disney’s Animal Kingdom….can you tell I have a thing for amusement parks? I just love days that are all about fun, imagination, creativity and kids!!!

We need to go back soon!!!

King Bubba – I also have a thing for dressing up my pets in costumes – I might need to seek therapy on that one.

Here are some shots from fun “park” time. We’re so lucky we live in an area with great parks to play at.

and Mr. Clown!

That’s it for this round. I think it’s a good time to head outside for some fresh air and fun….enjoy!