Have you ever been to a Master Gardener Spring Garden Market? Until this year, I hadn’t been. I went this past Saturday with my friends Don and Kathy. It was wild!! So many types of heirloom tomatoes (79 varieties) – it was heavenly because all you could think about is what you would make with them all…salsa, sauces, bruschetta, etc. There were also an incredible amount of peppers – 102 varieties to be exact. Who knew there were so many types?! To give you an idea of what else was there, I’ve copied this section from their site:

It was incredibly inspiring. If you missed this one in Santa Clara, but live close to the South Bay here, there’s one in Palo Alto this Saturday. Click here for more information.

My friends are super motivated to create the ultimate veggie beds this year. I’m hoping I can help inspire and motivate them to do just that. I would also like to blog here about their progress and hopefully inspire others. There’s nothing like growing your own food. I truly get super excited whenever anything I plant grows at all. It’s so rewarding! It’s like watching your little babies thrive – well almost like that! I’ll definitely keep you posted!

Now if only our weather would cooperate and let us get out there to plant! I k now the rain is good and necessary, but I’m so ready to get out there and get my hands dirty!