Today was our first semi-relaxing day. It was so nice as we’re all pretty exhausted. Sam and Nia had to go In to town this afternoon to do a couple of hours of press. We met them there when they were finished so we could walk around and visit the castle.

Unfortunately, the castle and museum were closed today, as it is Monday (and it seems that’s when places are most likely to be closed here) but we were able to walk up to it, take photos of the surrounding area, stop by our new favorite wine bar, and simply enjoy the views, our friendship and feel blissful.

Afterwards, we all got on our Scooters (one couple per) and went on “beloved free baba’s” scooter tour. This morning he had taken off to get gas for our scooter and also headed in the opposite direction of Cannes to check out the area. Again, AMAZING!

Tonight, as we were all zipping around these incredible little villages which seemed to all have their own castles to visit, I truly felt like I was in a movie. Winding through the narrow streets through the towns and along the coastline was a sight to behold.

Eventually we stopped to enjoy a tasty dinner by the sea. It’s so much fun when we all try out our “high school French” to place our orders. Honestly, we do really well – or at least I think we do.

Who knows what tomorrow will hold?! Sam’s sister, Julie and her husband Michael are here and are quickly becoming some of my new best friends, so all I do know about what tomorrow will hold, is lots more fun.

I’m still posting photos on Flickr as it seems to be easiest from here, just click the (bubba) photo link on the lower right of my site to view….~Lita


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  1. Hi Lita, I just looked over all the latest pictures and it looks like you are having a GRAND time, so happy you all of you, have fun, loving the blog. Don’t forget we have a date for cosmo’s and sex and the city when you get back!

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