Yesterday was a more “normal” vacation day – as normal as you can be on the French Riviera. Sam and Nia had midday business in Cannes and then a cocktail party to go to. The rest of us decided we were ready to see more of this beautiful area instead of heading back into Cannes. I think BFBJ’s (Beloved Free Baba Jimi’s) previous scooter adventure intrigued us. 

So, while Sam and Nia headed in for more “celebrity” duty, we (myself, BFBJ, Julie and Michael) hopped on our scooters and headed west along the Riviera. The views were incredible – what a fun adventure. We spent the day laughing, eating and drinking wine at beautiful seaside eateries and quite simply having a splendid and relaxing vacation day.

Our tendency seems to be stopping at the quaintest little places where there will be no hope anyone will speak English. I believe our destiny is to be fluent in French by our return home.

Today is supposed to be a yacht day, though I sip my cafe au lait viewing an overcast sky. The yacht moves on soon to it’s next destination, so we need to “use it before we lose it”. I believe some of us will spend the night on it – all of us have the option. I’m not sure it would be a good choice for a motion sick person like myself. Even as I toured below deck the other day, I felt a tad queasy. In any case, I’d hate to be the person at 3 in the morning asking to be taken to shore, so, I probably won’t risk that by staying for a sleep over.

The adventure continues……