I love kids and I love BBQs (yes, even though I’m vegan, I do).

I love everyone getting together and just being with the elements – and I believe eating outside anytime is just plain fun. We have the perfect (in my opinion) deck for outside gatherings. Perfect for a suburban homestead feast.

Here’s some pics of the beautiful young adults from our last BBQ:

This is Emerson….a.k.a. Sonian, the Guru, Sony-bear and Emersonian Hall of Justice
(yes, I call her that last one)

I’ve been lucky enough to love her dearly since she was born. She’s the best slumber party guest…always up for fun and laughter and ready to snooze at 8pm…just like me.
Here are her amazing sisters:

Chanel – the most gorgeous and sweetest 16 year old I know.

Madison – another beautiful sister!!

and Paige….who looks so very pretty even though I caught this shot while she was eating.

How can it be allowed that one family could have such stunning sisters?? I’m not sure….

Boys….yes, they bless my life too:

My sweet, sweet, sweet Hunter enjoying watermellon

The adorable Westly always ready to say “cheeeez”

and King Baby


Hope everyone enjoyed a BBQ with great food, family and friends this past 4th of July weekend.



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  1. Lita we love the pictures, so cute and thank you for the kind words!! The girls love you too!

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