The scenery at the Ranch is just beautiful so, I wanted to share some photos from our last trip down there. Here’s some pics form the morning hike I took with Pops and Bubba(loooooo) up one of the canyons.

Canyon hiking trail
Pops & Bubba ready for the hike.
Canyon View
I love the low clouds on the hilltops as we look up the canyon.
Boys hiking up canyon
The boys are out ahead on the hike.
Cows on the hill
The cows on the hill were watching us.
cow on hilltop
This cow was serious! I just love the colors of the sky and hillside.
Mama wild hog running around
There was also a wild mama hog running on the hillside.
mama hog and babies
Can you see the little babies following her (sorry photo is not the best)?
View of ocean through the canyone
The return hike view - see the ocean through the hills?
Ranch View
I just love the scenery here!

Hope you enjoyed the pretty scenery and that your morning and day are going just as beautifully!



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    • Isn’t it amazing?…all the colors are fabulous there and I love when it gets super misty too. Kinda sad we only get to go there a few times a year, but we’re lucky at that.

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