So, Pops commented on the fact that I’m always so cheery when I write for my blog. Well, I like to think I’m a “glass-is-half-full” kinda gal, and, actually, it’s the choice I’ve made for this site.

But, because I can also tend to be a sort of a “people-pleaser” (especially when it comes to Pops and family) and because this issue is currently aggravating my life, I would like to share some of my gripes with you in my first (and possibly only) negative post.

The one thing, above all else, that I seriously dislike is:



Is it because my ancestors are from New England and Canada (and before that Ireland, France and Poland)? I don’t know. What I do know is that I cannot stand when it’s miserably hot. I can tolerate it for a bit if need be – I did live in Florida for over 6 years – but given a choice, I’d rather be cold any day. AND though I’ve been a little ice cube at work these past few days, coming home, especially tonight has been miserable.

Why is this happening? We had the coolest summer on record and now that it’s officially FALL it’s in the triple digits outside. What kind of joke is this? Did someone forget to get a 2010 calendar to Mother Nature? UGH!

I really believe I have the body type that just isn’t comfortable with heat. In fact, we are heading to the Grand Canyon next week and, I’ve already told Pops that if some freak heat wave heads that way, even moving in the day before we leave, then I’m postponing the trip! (BTW, I’ve already checked the weather predictions and it all looks good). He readily agreed because he’s learned that if I’m miserable then, quite frankly, he’s the one who I’ll be taking it out on. AND he knows if I go crazy, I’m taking him and everyone else with me (name the movie).

My 2 questions when we’re thinking about traveling somewhere (with or without friends) are:

  1. Is it hot?, and
  2. Are there bugs? (i.e. mosquitoes)

Pops likes to surf, so you’d think that would create a lot of problems when picking out vacation destinations, but hey, that’s what his guy friends are for, right?

So, there, I’ve shared it – my biggest gripe in the world. Thankfully, that’s how blessed my life is (and I do count my blessings every day).

Now, while we’re at it, and so I can get it all out there, here’s a list of my other “dislikes” – in no particular order. I apologize in advance if many of them have to do with wanting more time (time is my nemesis). Also, this list won’t include the basic dislikes everyone has, i.e. taxes, thieves, murderers, hurricanes, earthquakes, pollution, disease, homelessness, terrorism, bullying, child abuse, close-mindedness, etc. You don’t need my blog to be reminded of these things just watch the news.

Lita’s Current Dislikes

  • Salivating over a fabulous recipe and deciding to make it and then finding out I’m missing or have too little of one key ingredient.
  • Wanting to make a recipe that I can’t even find some of the ingredients to. (Sometimes happens with the Japanese and vegan recipes I want to try though the Japanese issue could be that I sometimes have no idea what I’m looking for)
  • Camping. Pops and I actually had “no camping” in our pre-wedding vows after a miserable time in Hana on Maui.  Hint: the trip was consumed by steamy heat and lots of rain making our tent feel like a sauna….not a good sauna.
  • Buying a techie gadget only to see the next version come out a week later.
  • Having so much of my fabulous family and many of my best friends live oh-so-very far away (a hazard from having lived in many places around the country).
  • Not getting up to San Francisco enough even though it’s so close.
  • Needing 8-9 hours of sleep a night – if only I could be like Martha Stewart I would get so much more done!
  • Being away from home with no WIFI access (well any time over 3 days – up until then, I can cope).
  • Seeing a beautiful shot and not having my camera with me.
  • Sciatica – it tends to get me every year at least once.
  • Gophers and slugs in my garden.
  • Not being able to read a book a day and retain all the information therein.
  • Taking off in an airplane – landing could probably be on this list too along with turbulence.

hmmm…ok, that about covers it for the moment.

Got any you’d like to share?

I’m sure I have more, but hey, it’s late and I need to get my 9 hours in.

Thanks for bearing with me and listening to my gripes – it’s been very cathartic.

Off to count my blessings now.
~ Lita


3 Comments on Negativity

  1. i found myself getting sassy with my boss on monday in the heat, shouting, “I AM NOT A HOT WEATHER PERSON!”

    he laughed at me, but seriously. this is unbelievable, especially with the fact that i had already given up on summer.

    my perpetual dislikes are always:
    1) moths. i hate them. they’re creepy and awful and i hate them.
    2) ferris wheels.
    3) fireworks.

    thank you for the catharsis moment!

  2. I know what you mean about being positive when blogging. Since my blog isn’t a personal one, I try to stay as emotionally unattached as possible. Why should I let my sour mood ruin a perfectly good post? I may be a pessimist, but that will not come out in my writing. Just like you did here, when I do write about something negative that has happened, it still has a positive light to it. Keep it up, you aren’t alone!

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