Homemade Stain Spray

We ran out of stain spray!

Yes, sound the alarm…this is serious.

Do you have one of these?

Photo of Pops

Or two of these?

Hunter & Westly with their skateboards

I know, innocent enough looking, right?

Don’t be fooled though…trouble and stains always follow them around.

So, when Pops sounded the alarm that We ran out of stain spray!, I had to remain calm…..keep my composure and remember to practice what I preach.

In running out of something, I have a choice, run to the store like a banshee to replace it (preferably with a green, eco-friendly option) or look around at what I already have in the house and try to make a homemade version. This time, homemade won out.

Pre-Wash Stain Spray


Ingredients for Homemade Stain Treatment

  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1/8 cup baking soda
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • Empty spray bottle

Of course, you put all the items into a spray bottle (I happened to have an empty one around) It helps to have a funnel too.

Getting prepped to make stain spray

First, add the baking soda:

Adding baking soda to a spray bottle

Then, the vinegar….let me make a note here: ADD THE VINEGAR VERY SLOWLY!! As in, as slow as humanly possible because it will foam up quickly – as I learned – and could spill all over your counter – as I also learned. You may even want to add it to the bottle over the sink.

adding vinegar to spray bottle

Then, finally, add the water. (Oh and make a label for it too if you’re a kook like me).

Lita's World Stain Spray Label

Spray this concoction on soiled spots just before washing. You may always want to test a hidden spot first – unless you’re daring like me.

Feelin’ groovy and green,


4 comments on “Green Tip Tuesday – Homemade Stain Spray”

  1. This is so great! I was just looking at some gray stains on my hallway carpet this morning, wondering what to do about them. I will break out the vinegar and baking soda and get right on it!

  2. oh! i’m going to use some of this to clean our couch. david has a lovely little sofa in his studio, that is perfectly chow chow sized. she’s gotten paw prints all over it! i’ll attack them with a spray bottle and blot– hopefully they’ll come out!

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