Homemade Stain Spray

We ran out of stain spray!

Yes, sound the alarm…this is serious.

Do you have one of these?

Photo of Pops

Or two of these?

Hunter & Westly with their skateboards

I know, innocent enough looking, right?

Don’t be fooled though…trouble and stains always follow them around.

So, when Pops sounded the alarm that We ran out of stain spray!, I had to remain calm…..keep my composure and remember to practice what I preach.

In running out of something, I have a choice, run to the store like a banshee to replace it (preferably with a green, eco-friendly option) or look around at what I already have in the house and try to make a homemade version. This time, homemade won out.

Pre-Wash Stain Spray


Ingredients for Homemade Stain Treatment

  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 1/8 cup baking soda
  • 1 1/2 cups water
  • Empty spray bottle

Of course, you put all the items into a spray bottle (I happened to have an empty one around) It helps to have a funnel too.

Getting prepped to make stain spray

First, add the baking soda:

Adding baking soda to a spray bottle

Then, the vinegar….let me make a note here: ADD THE VINEGAR VERY SLOWLY!! As in, as slow as humanly possible because it will foam up quickly – as I learned – and could spill all over your counter – as I also learned. You may even want to add it to the bottle over the sink.

adding vinegar to spray bottle

Then, finally, add the water. (Oh and make a label for it too if you’re a kook like me).

Lita's World Stain Spray Label

Spray this concoction on soiled spots just before washing. You may always want to test a hidden spot first – unless you’re daring like me.

Feelin’ groovy and green,


4 Comments on Green Tip Tuesday – Homemade Stain Spray

  1. Awesome, Lita!! Thanks for the recipe! I’m trying to convert over to all homemade cleaning supplies so I’ll definitely be adding this to my list!

  2. This is so great! I was just looking at some gray stains on my hallway carpet this morning, wondering what to do about them. I will break out the vinegar and baking soda and get right on it!

  3. oh! i’m going to use some of this to clean our couch. david has a lovely little sofa in his studio, that is perfectly chow chow sized. she’s gotten paw prints all over it! i’ll attack them with a spray bottle and blot– hopefully they’ll come out!

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