Hunter & Westly got new skateboards yesterday – and they were so very excited about it. We met everyone for dinner and right afterwards they had to show us their new toys.

Showing off skateboardsNow, of course, no one is focusing on all the missteps, bumps and bruises that could occur from two young cuties learning to ride their skateboards.

Instead, we’d all just like to focus on this precious little smiling face….

Skating BabyHe’s so proud to have a skateboard too…just like his big brother!

Oh, and might I say, that I’m happy that he still lets me call him my “baby” for I know the day is coming when he’ll want to be called a “big boy” like Hunter. I’ll enjoy it while I can.


~ Lita


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    • I hope they can skateboard – or at least I hope they take it slow enough to learn without getting hurt.

      aaahh Westly’s curls..I die for those curls – they’re so precious! We all panicked when he got his hair trimmed hoping the curls wouldn’t go away and thankfully they’re still there. :)

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