Yosemite dramatic cloud view
As always, Yosemite is gorgeous right now. I’m pretty sure this is always a stunning place to visit. I’ve been lucky enough to visit three times in the last year. I could never get tired of going. You really feel connected with nature in the park. Everywhere you look, you’re constantly reminded of the beauty there is in this world. It’s a special gift created for us to appreciate and enjoy.

The air is cleaner here, the colors are more vibrant here, and the French Bulldogs are more wild here.

View from Glacier Point
Bubba & Pops at Glacier Point overlooking Half Dome

This was Bubba’s first trip to Yosemite, and honestly, he became a “wild” animal once we entered the park. We started calling him “Buck” from the book “Call of the Wild” because we truly figured he’d run off and live with the wolves if we had taken him off his leash and given him free roam. Well, he would’ve gone with them until dinner time. Then, he would’ve headed home to his “mama” for some “Spots Stew” his favorite puppy food.

At home, squirrels hardly bother Bubba, but somehow these golden-mantled ground (a.k.a. “wild”) squirrels taunted him and made him nuts. While tugging on the leash, trying to break free to teach them a lesson, he managed to break his favorite collar.

Broken Dog Collar

He was a dog we had never known. Luckily, we had an extra, super strength collar in the car.

Good thing because on one of our hikes we came across a Mama Bear and her 2 cubs.

Mother Black Bear
Mama Bear walking across the hiking trail.
Baby Bear Cubs
Her cubs after they crossed the trail behind her (and yes, we got stupid close to them - very stupid)

I hate to think what “Mr. Buck” would’ve done if he wasn’t on a leash at this point.

If you’ve never been to Yosemite, and have the chance to get there, I can’t encourage you more to go. Even if you don’t have a French Bulldog to laugh at, the views will keep you occupied for hours and hours.

Half Dome
Half Dome
Half Dome
Half Dome
El Capitan
High Sierra Lake
Tenaya Lake
Tenaya Lake in the High Sierras

Even if you’re not as talented a photographer as Ansel Adams (and I’m not), you can get some pretty decent shots throughout the park. Make sure you visit the Ansel Adams museum in the village to get inspired and then shoot, shoot, shoot. The inspiration here is never ending.

Me & "Buck"

~ Lita


8 Comments on Yosemite – September 2010

  1. I was a visitor at the valley in 2007 dec, trust me you dont need to be a good photographer there, all snaps come good, anyways!

  2. OMG these are gorgeous and yes, September is the BEST time of the year in the park. Last time I was there in September was for rock climbing in the valley. It was unforgettable.

    Thank you for sharing your pictures. I’m going to have to go scroll thru my pics from Thanksgiving last year….my last visit.

    • I’d love to see your photos! You simply can’t take a bad photo there.

      Rock climbing?!!! WOW, that’s amazing – I’m simply a “watcher”. I have no hand and arm strength – definitely not enough to hold myself up.

      Let me know if you post your photos.

    • Oh you have to go to Yosemite!! You’re definitely on the next road trip – I’ll do all the driving (keeps me from getting carsick)

  3. those are absolutely stunning photos! quite gorgeous.

    i love seeing what otherwise kinda of prissy dogs (ie, my margo) do when they’re put in “wild” situations. i still don’t think she’d like touching wet grass, though!

    i’m not very outdoorsy, but that looks like a trip i would die to take!

    • Thank you – you definitely just need to love beautiful views to go there. There are some really simple hikes that are basically just a means of getting to the next view spot.

      Bubba seems to be back to normal here at home….once again, not interested at all in the squirrels – much more interested in his comfy bed (which is also my bed)

  4. Wow, Lita beautiful pics. I really do want to get there. Where is a good place to stay and is it reasonable? Gotta love the Bub.

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