A couple of weeks ago, when my mom was out from Florida visiting, I took her to Yosemite. I simply cannot believe I’ve lived here in California for over 20 years and haven’t taken her there until now. If you’ve been, you know there simply aren’t the words to describe how incredibly beautiful the sites are. Far beyond what photos show of the scenery, actually being there, breathing the fresh, crisp air, feeling the breeze and hearing the waterfalls and sounds of the wildlife all add indescribable elements to the whole experience.

Have you seen Ken Burn’s special on National Parks? The documentary gives Yosemite much more justice than I will be able to do in this post. It covers six national parks total and I highly recommend it even though now I simply must visit them all.

Here are some of the many, many photos I took while visiting for a couple of days with mom.

Half Dome
The Waterfalls were Gushing!
I can almost hear the water in this photo
Aaaaah The Views!
AND the wildlife…our new buddy!!
Yosemite Falls
Mom hiking to Mirror Lake!
Gorgeous views are every way you turn!

Now, hurry up and buy the Ken Burns special at Amazon or check to see if it’s showing soon on your local PBS station…you won’t regret it.

AND maybe my new friend will be waiting for you!!