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Hail Merry Vegan Macaroons!

Hail Merry Vegan Macaroons

Seriously, I had my doubts about ordering these because, you see, my friend Jeanette makes the ULTIMATE macaroons.

I haven’t had any of hers since becoming vegan, but I have been tortured by Pops who still consumes her divine creations any chance he gets.


I ordered them anyways, and actually tried them with Jeanette…and the verdict is….


When you open the pouch, they may not look like much, but they will fill your mouth with love.

~ Lita

P.S. Nope, they’re not paying me for this review. In fact, they have no idea who I am.


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  1. AAAWW…thanks, Lita!!!! You’re compliments are greatly appreciated. I will make a vegan batch just for you! Don’t worry Jimi will not stop making my special macarroons for you…

    Hugs, Kisses & Cookies,

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