World Series Tickets Game 2


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    • What a super fun site you have!! I can’t wait to make some of your projects with the boys!! Thank you so much for stopping by and adding my button…wish you could see the huge smile on my face when I read your message!!

      Happy Thursday!
      ~ Jen (aka Lita)

  1. Fun! My husband was DYING to go but in the end I’m glad he didn’t. You know, since we’re a Rangers family.

    My only solace: we still beat the Yankees!

    • AND anyone who beats the Yankees ROCKS! in my opinion!!

      I’m going to admit, I’m glad it didn’t go 7 games…it was too stressful as it was. My husband’s family is all in Texas – so of course they’re Rangers fans…there was a lot of trash-talking going back and forth with them…luckily I managed to stay out of it.

      They all are much bigger football fans anyways – and it would seem there’s no Bay Area threat coming again this year in that game!

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