Green Tip Tuesday Recycling Wrapping Paper

Have you already finished all your gift wrapping this holiday season??

Or are you like me, doing a little bit each day focusing first on the gifts that needed to be shipped away?

Just in case you haven’t purchased your wrapping paper yet, and if you’re not feeling particularly crafty and have the energy to decorate say paper bags, or cut up magazines to use for wrapping, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE consider buying wrapping paper that is recyclable.

While some areas do actually recycle wrapping paper, there are also a lot that don’t. This can be because the paper has gold or silver foil or glitter in it or that it could be dyed or laminated. Simple, plain and dry wrapping paper should be okay for your recycle bin though.

I was actually able to get wrapping paper at Target this year that was specifically labeled recyclable- AND it was on SALE!!

No fear if you’ve already purchased your paper and/or like a particularly fancy type to use. Aside from recycling, there are a lot of other re-uses for those fancy papers.

Here are some ideas:

  • line shelves in your closets or drawers,
  • line boxes and envelopes
  • use as backgrounds in collages,
  • use on scrapbook pages,
  • trim as mattes for photos or artwork
  • cut to use as backing for party banners
  • shred and save as colorful packing material
  • make bookmarks out of…trim, punch hole in the top and tie a ribbon to
  • turn into colorful “thank you” cards for all the treats you received
  • make into a paper bow (see tutorial here)

The ideas are endless…got any good ones yourself? Please share…

Be Happy, Be Green!
~ Lita