Green Tip Tuesday Strivin' for Crunchiness

For my “Green-Tip Tuesday” post this week, I’m going to share two of the changes I’ve made (and stuck to so far) in my ongoing pursuit to have a greener and more chemical free homestead – small step by small step.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite blogs to read is Crunchy Betty. She shares recipes for creating homemade and chemical free hair, face and body products. Of course, the internet is full of ideas, and inspirations, but on the Crunchy Betty site you also get a read that is fun, witty, inspiring and intelligent.

I’m usually motivated, as I’ve mentioned before, by running out of something. Before buying anything new, I try to contemplate if I could make what I need from ingredients in my home and, if I don’t think I can (or don’t have the time at that moment) then I at least try to find the most eco-friendly replacement available. Most of what I’ve made at home includes house cleaning products. I am, however, now extending this (thanks again to Crunch Betty) to personal care products.

Change # 1 – Homemade Deodorant

I began by joining the Crunchy Betty “pit-sniffers” club and making my own antiperspirant/deodorant. I’m gonna be honest here, I was definitely a scary candidate for this! In fact, I perspire to the extent that I have a prescription to help tame down the sweating. Sure, the prescription works, but I’m sure it has something close to complete aluminum in it to do so. I was nervous because she did mention that it could take time for your body to adjust to the newer, more natural way.

The first benefit to making it yourself is that it’s super easy and all you really need is:

Ingredients to make homemade deodorant

  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch (you can use arrowroot powder if your are sensitive to the cornstarch – but I have read the cornstarch works better)
  • 5 tablespoons coconut oil
  • A container to store it in
  • Essential oils to scent (optional)

Mix everything together in a small container. My coconut oil was not solid when I mixed my batch (as it was warm that day), but it did solidify later making the “deodorant” more cream-like. I have also read that you can pack it in an old deodorant container and use it just like you normally do as show here on the Kitchen Stewardship blog.

Here are more recipes and details on making homemade deodorant available on

The verdict of the homemade deodorant is an arm-raising, jump-up-and-down YAHOO!! it works! AND trust me I’ve stuck my nose into my pits enough to know if it wasn’t.

Change #2 – No More “POO”

The latest challenge that has been posted on the Crunchy Betty Blog is to “say no to poo”. The concept being that commercial shampoo and conditioner (and other hair products) can strip your hair of its natural oils creating the need to use and apply more products. When you stop using these commercial products your own natural hair oils will take over and balance themselves out creating the hair you’ve longed for.

Stuff to use when giving up Shampoo

So, 3 times a week, I’m using a mixture of baking soda and water to “shampoo” my hair.  In the shower, I mix 1 tablespoons baking soda really well with 1 Cup of water and apply it to my already wet hair rubbing it in focusing on my scalp. Then I rinse well.

As a “conditioner” I’m mixing 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with 2 cups of water and “rinsing” my hair with it focusing on the ends.

A friend of ours was over the other night for dinner and she commented that my hair looked super healthy. That was 2 days ago now and, though I know it will take a bit of time for all the oils to even out, today my hair feels thick and unruly and a bit like hay. I’m not giving up though because, everything I’ve read so far about giving up the “POO” says it’s worth it. I’ll keep you posted.

If you’ve had any experience creating homemade products for yourself or your home, please share them. I’m on a roll and want to keep it going by being inspired by others while passing along the encouragement.

Live Green,
~ Lita


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  1. I really don’t enjoy shampooing my hair so to go longer without “poo” would be great! I’m a HUGE fan of vinegar and baking soda but I’m not so sure about for my hair. Please keep us posted…this is very interesting! :)

    • So far so good here.. I might be over the hump as I’ve had 2 really really, good hair days in a row – which is unheard of! I have read a lot about how this hair method is awesome for curly hair…as in people with curls say their issue with frizz is completely gone now – I’ll be trying to get Mimi on the bandwagon…but I’m kinda guessing she’ll resist :)

      I’ll post more soon!

  2. I just read your comment about your hands being softer since using the deodorant and laughed! Me too!

    In fact, I’m almost ready to make up a new batch, and I thought about (with the weather being colder and the deodorant being completely firm) putting it in an old deodorant container so I could roll it on just like the olden days.

    But I changed my mind – because of the hand softness/moisturizing part.

    Gah, I’m so glad we’re all doing these things together. It wouldn’t be NEARLY this much fun to do it alone.


    • I agree!! This is much more fun doing it all together. So, today, day 14 of the “no poo” and I’m not having just a “GOOD” hair day, but I’m having a “GREAT” one!! I hope it’s not a fluke, and I know it can’t always be fabulous, but I have complete hope in this now!!! not that I was a doubter…no not me…YAHOO!!!

  3. I’ve been “no ‘poo” for over a year now, and I love it. My hair is great. I actually started using homemade deodorant in July – haha – on a day when it was 103 out. I’m still using it, it worked so well even like that. I also make all my own household cleaning supplies, bath products… most stuff. It’s odd, but once I started doing it, I started wondering “what’s in THAT? do I really want to buy it?” and figuring out how to make it, instead.

    • Wow – you’re a pro at all of this…teach us ol’ wise one please!! I have to agree with you whole-heartedly. Once you begin on this path, you do start questioning everything (sometimes to my husband’s chagrin), but I’m so happy to be part of this “movement” if it is one. It just feels “right” and your ego gets involved and you want to share these successes and connect with others who feel the same! I LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing and being a part of it!

  4. I love me some Crunchy Betty, although those are the two things I haven’t tried yet. I’ll do the deoderant when I run out of my current, not so great one. How do you apply it if it’s liquidy? I’m not quite at the no poo stage though, although I’m following you ladies with great interest. Have you tried her oil cleansing for your face? Fantastic!

    • Hi Jessica,

      I found that as I was mixing the ingredients, even though the coconut oil was very liquidy when I began, it started to thicken up quickly, so it wasn’t too hard to scoop a bit on my fingertips and rub it in. On a side note, since I’ve been applying this with my fingertips, I’ve noticed my hands are pretty soft…hmm…bonus…maybe I won’t even try to put the mix into an old deodorant container.

      Thanks for stopping by
      ~ Jen

  5. I know that putting distilled white vinegar straight on your pitts works as well. It is a natural deodorizer, so it’s great. There is also a salt-stick deodorant that my mother bought me from an organics store. That’s all it is – salt. Just wet it with water, and rub it on your pitts. It will last FOREVER. And it’s totally worth the $4. I got mine in 2005, and it still looks brand new!

    • Thanks for the tips. I’m finding out there’s not much vinegar doesn’t do it seems. I may have to check out that salt stick deodorant too..that sounds intriguing and the fact that it’s lasted so long is amazing!!

      thanks for stopping by
      ~ Jen

  6. Crunchy is right, you are a brave Lita for giving up the “Poo”. If it doesn’t
    work you can always buy ICON hair products, they are sulfate and paraben free, vegan, color safe, recyclable and biodegradable formulas. It’s what we call Ecoteck, the fusion of raw pure ingredients with technology that allows the products to work, while still being gentle to our world.

    • Oh Shannon…I swear I could feel you cringe as you read this…haha

      I LOVE ICON!!

      So, if this plan fails, I’m back on the ICON track!! Today, I’m sportin’ a ponytail and my hair feels like hay…but I’m stickin’ to this as long as Leslie over at Crunchy Betty does…if she cracks, I’m sure I’ll be right behind her!

  7. i’m going to be honest– i, like, never wash my hair. it’s curly and dry as it is, and i don’t really do anything strenuous or sweaty. so, i only wash it twice a week or so. much healthier!

    • I was only washing about once a week as it is…just out of pure laziness. I actually started not using shampoo because we left on our trip and I didn’t bring any thinking the hotels we were staying at would provide some…well, the first 2 (the first 4 days) didn’t, so I of course, happily decided not to wash. Gonna see how this goes….could get scary!!

  8. I’ve been using baking soda and tea tree oil, but will definitely try your deodorant! For shampoo, I bought from because theirs are all natural AND they suds! Heheh

  9. Wow, that’s so cool making your own deodorant, shampoo & conditioner! Does the shampoo suds up? That’s my issue: I never feel like my hair, or body for that matter, is clean unless I see suds.

    • Well, I’m hoping the hair part does get cooler…from all I’ve read it should. Today, I am rockin’ a ponytail though.

      There are no suds – and I do kinda miss them. I have read though that once a week you can use just regular soap – which of course would have suds. I’ll keep you posted on this experiment. I’m committing to a month anyways and then we’ll see.

      The deodorant though is the BOMB!!! AND I love that I can make it any scent I want….I mixed sweet orange and lavendar…and I LOVE it!!

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