candle glow

Does anyone not love candles? If so, I don’t know those people.

Simply put, candles smell delicious, create an ambiance (set a mood) and truly who doesn’t look better by candlelight?

I used to be the QUEEN of candles in my house. Especially scented jar candles.

I say used to be because, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten a little paranoid about leaving a candle burning and possibly starting a fire.

I’ll be honest, there are have been a few nights in the past that Pops and I have left a jar candle burning overnight. Luckily, nothing horrible happened. Our house is older (built in the 30’s) and has knotty pine walls, so I think if a fire began, the whole place would go up in smoke pretty quickly.

I stopped buying jar candles.

What I missed most was all the fabulous scents wafting through my house. To replace these, I started using Scentsy products. Do you know about Scentsy? The flameless scented wax burners? I LOVE them!

If you’d like to read more about their products, my blogging world friend Erin is an independent Scentsy consultant, here is a link to her site.

Scentsy Logo

Ahhh my home has returned to it’s scented self.

But, I found I still miss the ambiance of the candle flicker.

That is, until now….

I was at a dinner party in early December and, in addition to the fact that the house was absolutely gorgeous, it was filled with beautiful candle light. I couldn’t believe the hosts would decorate with so many candles and not act the least bit concerned about them. The candles were everywhere – on tables, mantles, window sills and shelves. I watched and marveled that the wax didn’t run and the candles didn’t  smoke the whole evening. With no care given to them at all.

Then, I found out their secret….

FLAMELESS CANDLES!!! from Restoration Hardware.

Restoration Hardware Flameless Candles
Indoor/Outdoor Flameless Candles

Why, oh why did I not invent these?

They are battery operated (with 1000 hour battery life), they have built in timers that can repeat every 24 hours, they come in different sizes and they create the look of real candles.

They even have this version which is covered in a thick layer of paraffin wax so they have the “feel” of real candles.

Restoration Hardware Wax Flameless Candles
Wax Flameless Candles

WOW! Now my home is complete! I have the benefit of scented candles with my Scentsy burners and the mood of candlelight with my flameless candles from Restoration Hardware.

AND soon, both could be yours as well…hint my blog anniversary is January 24th. Watch for big GIVEAWAYS that week!

Happy Thursday,
~ Lita


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