Have I told you how very, very talented my mother is? This Christmas I received an incredible handmade gift from her.

Over the past year, I heard her often speaking of a Christmas quilt she was working on. In fact, many times I asked her to email me photos of it and her progress. I never got any, but figured, she’s a busy woman and, as often happens in my life, time just slips away.

Little did I know that the Christmas quilt was heading my way!!

I’m not sure that these photos even do it justice. It’s so colorful and detailed. I absolutely ADORE it!

handmade Christmas Quilt

Here are some more detailed shots

It’s hard to show the texture and 3-dimensional extras on this quilt, but I think you can somewhat get the idea.

Most of my holiday decorations are stored in tubs out in my studio. This special quilt, though, is folded and safely tucked away in the closet inside. I have pulled it out a couple of times already just to admire it.

I’m always in awe of anyone who has the patience and talent to create such beautiful pieces to share with others. My creative patience seems to last through cooking a recipe or a making a greeting card. Any project more involved just never seems to reach completion – as seen by the many 1/2 finished projects (including a little quilt) sitting on the shelves off to the side out in my studio. Something I definitely need to work on.

This year, I’ll work on feeding off my mom’s creative energy (and patience).

Thanks Mom!!

I LOVE the quilt and I Love, Love, Love YOU!

Care to share one of your favorite gifts this year? I’m all ears….

~ Lita


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  1. I started this quilt with you in mind. I knew you would appreciate the love it took to complete it for you.

    • Thanks Emily…I’m considering just draping it over my office chair all year long! Especially through these colder months when I could use it as my office is in the back of the house – the furthest room from the heater!

    • Isn’t it fabulous!! OMG she’s just simply amazing – how come that talent didn’t rub off on me!!

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