Here we go…here’s my list…some easy, some more challenging, but most of them FUN…because the biggest thing I want for 2011 is more FUN in my life. I wish that for all of you, too.

I’m writing these down here to attempt to hold myself accountable (we’ll see how that goes).

1. Blog Everyday – Why? because I’ve already started doing this, so hopefully I can keep it flowing through 2011.

2. Read more books – sounds like a flimsy, undefined commitment as “more” can mean anything. So, to be more defined, how about at least 2 books a month. Why? because I really love to read just sometimes get lazy about getting new books in from the library. I’m thinking the Nook app on my iPad should help fix that.

3. Make it to the gym at least twice a week. Why? because I always love going once I’m there, and feel awesome when I leave, but sometimes I just don’t keep working out as a priority in my life. This year, I’m finally ready to change that for good.

4. Play more Wii. Why? because I love it, it’s exercise and it’s fun AND, for crying out loud, we have one sitting here!

5. Take more “family” photos. Why? I realized at the end of this year (when I was making our Christmas card collage) that I just didn’t have a lot of shots of all of us together. I had a million of the boys and Bubba and Pops, but not a lot of the group of us. Time to throw my idea of never posing us all out the window –  I WANT those shots of all of us to have now and for the future.
photo collage

6. Keep my “To Do” list up to date. (I know, this sounds silly) Why? because this is a stress-reliever for me. A simple stress reliever. Somehow, once I write things down, I can let them be, knowing they will be taken care of. I tend to get lazy on this and keep things in my head which then leads to me stressing about them AND stressing about forgetting them. If I would just stick to writing them down, it would help a ton!

7. Make all greeting/birthday cards either digitally or manually. Why? because I have a studio full of supplies just sitting there AND because I love to be creative. I’ll admit, I’ve had success with this one in the past, but have slacked on it the past couple of years. Ready to give it a go again.

8. Stick with my composting and caring for my compost pile.Why? because I get lazy over the winter because it’s cold (and rainy) out there! Not a good excuse, I know as composting is the right thing for me to do.

9. Do more Crosswords. Why? because I really enjoy the challenge and the feeling of accomplishment when they’re completed. A bonus, they’re good for the brain – important as I get older.

Well, there you have it…the FUN I’m planning in the New Year!

My wish for all of you – more FUN, LAUGHTER and JOY this New Year’s Day and the whole year through!



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    • Oh me too…should be fun. I’m so glad there’s a list of prompts if we need it! Happy 2011!

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