I have something to confess….

For all my efforts at making our household greener and more eco-friendly, I fail terribly in one specific area – TRAVEL.

eco-travel woes

I do feel a lot of guilt about this. Unlike my normal reaction to guilt this guilt does nothing to move me to change this behavior.

It all began almost 3 years ago now, when Pop’s retired after 36 years of being an elementary school teacher. During all those years of teaching, our traveling was limited to summer and school vacations and holidays. Our vacations were limited and also more “kid” friendly as we had our daughters, Mimi and Libby to consider.

Now, post retirement, we have the freedom to travel whenever – meaning not a peak times, but at more “destination-perfect” times, and because my job is pretty flexible we have the freedom to travel A LOT! We’re both in great health, so we find ourselves compelled to do a lot of traveling during this time in our lives.

We already have quite a few trips planned this year already. In fact Monday we leave on Pop’s anniversary present to me – a week in Hawaii.

Now, while we’re pretty low-key travelers once we reach our destination, I do know that this flying here and there has a significant impact on our world. I just have no idea what to do about it.

airplane view from airport

I wrote a little bit about off-setting our carbon footprint here, but I feel there must be more we can do beyond funding greenhouse gas reductions by purchasing Terrapass carbon offsets to compliment our travel.

What is enough penance for our eco-unfriendly travel sins?

Please, send help or advice…

~ Lita



4 Comments on Confessions of a Guilty Traveler

  1. I live my life on airplanes. I go between the US and Europe and live in the Middle East a lot and I’ll tell you, I agree with what Nadia says. We can’t stay in one place forever and we can do our part in other ways to live a “green” lifestyle. I am really not feeling the purchase of terrapasses because I truly believe it is just another way for big business to make extra money. There’s very little airlines or airplane manufacturers can do to make airplanes much more energy efficient. I agree, it is what we do to pay back that counts. So don’t feel guilty when you get on a plane. Relish where you are going and what you are going to see and enjoy life!

    • Thank you Jacqueline! I appreciate the encouragement and support. I just don’t know how I cannot travel – especially with family all located so far away – driving is not an option and probably worse for the environment too! So, yes, I’ll continue to do what I can at home.

      Aside from my laptop dying on this trip, I am having a fabulous time! Aloha – Jen (aka Lita)

  2. I love to travel a lot too :) In fact we just planed our 18 hours in the sky trip…

    It’s really bad that we do damage the earth by traveling like that, but what are our other options? To stay in one place for life?

    May be the question should be, what can I do to pay back for the damage I did. Like change your car for an electric one, use your bicycle more often, etc :) At least that’s what I do.

    • Nadia, great feedback as always! And motivation…I really should get out there and walk more – and use more public transportation instead of my car – and dig my bicycle out of the garage! There’s always more we can do…you’re right, I should focus on that and make more efforts with what is do-able.

      WOW 18 hours in the air huh? Sounds like you’re heading somewhere FABULOUS!!

      Have a super weekend!

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