I’m not really a “shoe” person per se. Well, at least I don’t think so.

The last time I was really, really excited about shoes would probably have been in my teens when I was getting a new pair of toe shoes for ballet class or tap shoes for tap class – and even then more excited for the tap ones than the ballet ones.

Not that I don’t like shoes, I do. But, unlike the “Housewives of Beverly Hills”, I don’t really feel it’s necessary to have 1400 pairs. Nor do I have the space for them!

My usual shoe supply consists of black and brown clogs and boots for winter and then flip flops (Fit Flops are my favorite brand) for summer and warmer months. Don’t despair, I do have other shoes like the pair of Ugg boots Pops bought me the year we met (17 years ago) and also some random “dressy” shoes (like the gorgeous pair of hand-me-down Coach shoes my friend Shannon bestowed upon me last year). I also have an adorable pair of cowboy boots bought second-hand at an antiques shop in Ft. Worth and, I certainly have my running shoes for working out at the gym.

This isn’t because I don’t find shoes beautiful, it’s just I find that even when I have more pairs to wear, I always resort to the good old comfy ones, and then I feel guilty having so many other pairs laying around.

You can positively assume then that I completely missed out on the whole “Crocs” craze. I guess I’m really just not that “hip” (and I certainly have never claimed to be). So many people I know have a pair of Crocs. They say they’re incredibly comfortable and I know my Grandson Hunter just LOVES them – and the many little jibbitz characters he has attached to them (those are the charms kids attach to their Crocs – yes, I had to look up what they’re called, see, I’m not cool).

A couple of weekends ago, that all changed. First, I’d like to let you know that my “garden” clogs – the waterproof ones I’ve worn for working in my garden for about 6 years now had to be laid to rest at the end of the last gardening season. It was simply time – they were WAY beyond repair, simply exhausted and they had given up the fight (see how I justify throwing them out).

I hadn’t begun looking for a replacement pair yet because it just isn’t quite gardening time. Then, my friend Kathy decided to take me on my inaugural trip to “Big Lots”. Oh, that store!! Oh, how I love it…but I digress….

While we were looking around Big Lots, trying to check off items on our weekly shopping lists, we came across a group of Kathy’s friends. They happened to mention that they also loved Big Lots and that their favorite thing to buy there is pairs of Crocs for the whole family. They hadn’t found them less expensive anywhere else – and they were the actual “REAL” Crocs for sale in Big Lots. Kathy and I decided to join them on their way to the shoe aisle and have a look for ourselves.

Can you even imagine what I found!!!!!

purple Hannah Montana crocs

Crocs – but just not any Crocs…PURPLE, HANNAH MONTANA Crocs!! AND they fit me!!!

Voila! My new garden shoes! They were only $10 and let me tell you, they are sooooo comfortable!

Yes, I do promise not to be seen out in public with these on, and will only be seen by said public if they actually show up to help me in my garden.

They are truly just the cheeriest shoes to have for working in the garden.

purple Hannah Montana Crocs

Honestly, how could I resist! They meet all the criteria, inexpensive, waterproof, nearly indestructable, and GIRLIE!

So, now when I’m sweating like a little piggy and getting super muddy and yucky out there in the yard moving plants for the thousandth time (because I always seem to put them in the wrong location the first 999 times) at least I’ll have happy, dancing, purple Croc-wearing tootsies!

Now, I can’t wait to get out there and get that vegetable garden started!!

Are you in on the “Croc” craze? Am I the last one? Any recommendations??

Please share as I feel so new at this!!

Happy Wednesday
~ Lita

P.S. I have noticed lately that the classic Crocs have been joined by many new styles of shoes in the Croc lineup. Probably I noticed in all the magazines I peruse every month or the Croc site I just visited. They do have a new line of flip-flops that I may have to try this summer if any of my standard ones need replacing.

P.P.S. If you think I may need a little mental help…please, please, please send someone along…and while you’re at it, make sure they’re dressed for working in the yard! :)


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  1. Well, I just got your reply out of my Junk folder (how dare it go there:)
    I will make note of the dates on my calendar and as a Floridian, I haven’t been to Universal Studios since I took my little sis for her first and last Halloween Horror Nights many years ago…haha(she didn’t like the chainsaws in the fog.) And, I think my last visit to Epcot may have been with YOU!! lol..I guess I don’t get out very much:) I’d love to do Universal too, if you all don’t mind, especially your nephew? I will work around y’all’s schedule:) It also kinda depends on my work situation at that time. Either way, it will be just wonderful to see you and catch up, in person! :) yahoo too:o))

  2. RE: P.S. Mimi and I are coming to Florida this Spring…shall we try to plan a get-together?

    YYEESSS!!! :)) Please, let’s do make plans if at all possible! I would love to see you and Mimi and your mom too! You just let me know when and where and I’ll be there! :)

    And, lest I forget again, I meant to send you a note of thanks for my watch. It arrived on Saturday and I got caught up on Super Bowl stuff. I love it! Thank you! I hardly ever wear watches anymore, I just use my cell phone to tell time:) Getting lazy when it comes to accessorizing:) But, now I’m a little more hip (if that word still exists.) haha

    • Oh so glad it got there!!! All my shipping was delayed with all the horrible weather across the country.

      I bought our tickets today…We arrive the morning of April 8th and leave the evening of the 13th. Never, ever enough time, but it’s what I could make happen to fit with all the schedules. We have absolutely nothing planned at all yet, but I know my nephew would love for us to go to Universal Studios to see the Harry Potter exhibit…and the rest of the park too. Check your schedule and let me know what might work for you. I really think that Saturday the 9th will be a “hang-out” day with my mom…and possibly a trip to watch my nephew’s baseball game – You are welcome to join us for that day if that interests you. Otherwise, I’m completely open for ideas. In fact, I kinda want to make a trip over to Tampa…if possible, so that might make it even easier to get together. Let me know your thoughts and I’ll keep you posted!! yahoo!!

  3. I love my crocs too :)
    I have one for home slippers & one for the garden, they are so so comfy! I even managed to drag my husband and my parents in the crocs craze and they all have a pair now :)

    I’m not so sure though I would go out in the streets with them… For a kid it’s ok, but for an adult, I don’t know.

    • do they make slipper ones??? OMG I must continue to scour Big Lots for more pairs. Yes, I agree, I probably won’t wear them in public, but I could definitely live in them at home!! I can’t believe I was so late to come to these super comfy shoes!! I’m usually all about the comfort…ugh I’m getting old!! Happy Tuesday!

    • I’m going to admit…I start with the shoes on and sometimes after they get all muddy and icky, I just forego them…especially in the warmer summer months. I’ll also admit that right now I’m wearing socks under my crocs which is really, really a horrible fashion faux pas!

      Happy Friday,
      Jen @ Lita’s World

  4. I have Crocs!:) A pink pair for outdoor mud puddles and gardening — I love just hosing them off! And, I actually have a pair of Croc wedges I usually wear with jeans. They are cute (really:)) but more importantly, they are comfy!!

    I love your find…I’m definitely partial to purple:) But, there is no way my big feet would fit a pair of Hannah Montana’s…haha

    • Croc wedges?!?!?!? I’m in! I need to check out their site and keep up on the inventory at Big Lots!! I do have somewhat teeny feet…which worked out really, really well when my step daughters were teenagers!! They quickly passed my shoe size – phew!!

      Happy Friday and thanks for the tip on the wedges!!

      P.S. Mimi and I are coming to Florida this Spring…shall we try to plan a get-together?

      Jen @ Lita’s World

  5. Oh I just love them for working out in the yard as well. Hose them off and they are ready to go.
    I watch for coupon codes and then look on the clearance tab at the site. Think, purchase summer shoes in winter and visa versa. I was just able to pick up 2 pair of the flip flops for my grand son last week for $8. Also had free shipping.

    • Oh that’s my kind of talk…coupons and clearance!! I guess I should be on the lookout for flip flop replacements now! Thanks for the tip!!

      Jen (@ Lita’s World)

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