Maybe you do this too, maybe not. Here’s my confession:

I collect art supplies.

Not on purpose, mind you. My intention is always to create something. A painting, greeting card, collage, scrapbook…something!

Somehow, though, time slips away and really, I have to confess, I’m left with a collection of art supplies – a very nice collection I might add.

Well, I’m determined to change this! Possibly the motivation will come by this published confession.

I think I may have found another motivator too.

I signed up for this e-class on creating “She Art Girls” with Christy Tomlinson.

She Art Workshop

Even though I’ve been too under the weather to actually create anything these past couple of weeks, I have had the energy to watch the many e-class videos Christy has posted. I’ve seen that I can most definitely use any and all the collected art supplies I’ve accrued in creating these beautiful canvas collages. In fact, she pretty much uses everything in her designs from actual “art” supplies to shelf liner and bubble wrap.


The final canvases are GORGEOUS!

I must say, I’m super excited about the prospects here. As soon as I can get out into the studio, I’ll share with you what I create (another claim to help motivate me to get out there!)

In the meantime, if you have any interest in taking this online (aka at your own pace) e-class, Christy has a new session beginning April 11th – and I believe she gives you full access to all the files immediately.

Another bonus, is throughout the classes you will learn how about Christy’s favorite art supplies, and she has her own shop, Scarlett Lime, to help you find and purchase them. Truly, it’s been a lot of fun to watch these videos and I cannot wait to CREATE!

Scarlett Lime Shop

Oh, and Christy’s a DOLL too!

Let me know if you’re thinking of taking the class and maybe we can motivate each other through this creative process.

Know any other ways to get me motivated? Please share!

I hope everyone’s had a fantastic week – Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Luck O’ the Irish to you!

I’m getting better…slowly…but steadily and thank you again for all the well wishes!

YAHOO!! tomorrow’s Friday,
~ Lita


2 Comments on Collector Confession #1

  1. I’m sooo relieved to hear you’re on the mend, and that it won’t be long until you’re your usual creative, awe-inspiring self :)

    Can I ever relate to your collection habit. W/me, it’s fabric, however. But unlike you, I do not have my own studio. If/when T can’t find me, remind him that I may be buried beneath a mountain of tartans, chintz, Harris tweed. . . ! And then there are the sundry notions—zippers, buttons, velcro, thread of every type and hue, and soon-to-become “vintage” patterns.

    Encourage me, please?

    Feel better/best sooner than soon.

    • Thanks Susan…so glad to know I’m not alone!! someday I’d love to see your fabric collection!! Aaahh the projects we could dream up…
      :) xoxo jen

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