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I think I’ve mentioned before how I have this fabulous art studio space located in one half of our garage. I love this space!

my studioThough it would be hard to tell when you consider how little time I seem to end up spending out there. Most of the time the space is out there simply storing all my art supply collection and holiday decorations. I’ve been determined to change this.

What seems like months and months and months ago, I signed up to take a e-course workshop with the incredibly creative and talented Christy Tomlinson.

I initially signed up for her 3-week, online “She Art” Workshop.

In a word, it was



First, you need to know I love e-courses! Why? Well, because you can watch and learn at your own pace – when you have the time (which seems to be “key” in my world).

My schedule and life always seem so erratic and at times extremely hectic, so, I find it difficult to sign up for a class that I actually have to show up for consistently for weeks and weeks. Online e-courses have saved me!

What made this class super fun was definitely the woman behind it all – Christy. She has this amazing ability to make you feel completely at home and as if she’s sitting right there next to you encouraging and supporting you. Her videos are fun to watch, easy to follow and full of information on supplies and techniques using pretty much every art supply you have accumulated through the years (and then some). And, if you’ll remember, in my studio, I’m quite the collector of art supplies.

This initial class has been over for quite some time now. Another thing I love about these online classes with Christy, is that she leaves the videos up and your access to them open for a long, long time. This gives you plenty of time to finish watching them, re-watching them if needed and it gives you plenty of time to work on your creative skills.

So, although this class has been over for quite some time, I finally finished my first “She Art” girl:

She Art Girl #1
She Let Her Inner Artist Explore

I started her quite some time ago, but just couldn’t seem to find the time to finish her up. Now, finally…she’s done. And I want to make MORE!

Most of my days at work are spent drawing and creating graphics on the computer. It’s so nice to be “unplugged” for a bit and head to the studio and get creative with my hands.

I’ve fallen back in love with all my art supplies and now I want to paint and stamp on everything!

So, if you’ve got a studio or creative space just waiting for you to play in it, and you’re looking for some inspiration to get creative, check out one of Christy’s classes.

I’ve also taken the “She had Three Hearts” Art Journaling e-course. I loved it and will share more soon.

Now, when I head to my studio, I don’t feel like such a wimp…I feel more like a creative

Queen signin my own kingdom.

Of course, I must have a King to share this kingdom with me…and I have the “best” one right here:

king bubba with the cigar
doesn't his bone look like a cigar??? :)

He loves to join me in the studio and is always there snoozing on his recliner. I think it might be the scented oils I have out there.

Have you found ways to keep your creative juices flowing? I’d love to hear any ideas you have whether it’s beading, scrapbooking, collaging, painting, sewing, knitting or card making…anything really, I’d just love to share in your inspiration.

P.S. I was not compensated in any way to share information on Christy and her classes…just sharing because it’s what I like to do :)



4 Comments on “She Art” E-Course with Christy Tomlinson

  1. Your private space looks fabulous! I want one too :)))

    As for the inspirations, mine comes from watching images, photos and things like that. My latest addiction – It’s just a bunch of beautiful photos of all kind – food, decorations, DIY’s, places, views, fashion, etc. But for me it’s the best inspiration ever :)

    • YES!! I love pinterest too!! I have to be careful not to spend all my time at work on there…it’s amazing to see all the fabulous photos out there…food, homes, locations, gardens, crafts…my list goes on and on and on!

  2. That is GORGEOUS, Jen, absolutely magical! What fun. Makes me want to sign up and dig out my unused collection of art supplies. :)

    • Thanks!! Truly this was the most incredibly class for inspiring me to use EVERYTHING! Christy is such a motivator. I also doesn’t hurt to now have be creating pieces to justify all this stuff!!

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