I think it might be time for a “GREEN” summer update – what do you think?

I thought it would be a good idea to let you know I haven’t given up my “green” ideals…and hopefully I can give you a little motivation along the way.

There are just so many ways to take small “green” steps everyday. I truly believe even the tiniest little bit helps.

Let’s start with just one of my summer goals.

One of the “green” decisions I made this summer is to reduce my plastic purchases. And by reduce, I mean to eliminate!

Just being aware of how much plastic I may purchase every day (or week/month) has stunned me. It’s simply “EVERYWHERE”! I have noticed though, that with thought and a bit of awareness, there are always alternatives and options.

As an example, I can buy the powdered laundry soap in a box versus the liquid laundry soap in a plastic jug. Another example, I can use re-usable grocery bags (aren’t they available everywhere?) versus having the store pack my groceries in plastic bags. (FYI, cities, like San Francisco, have even banned any store from using plastic bags! – could this be why I love that city to much?!?…well, one reason I’m sure).

I absolutely have made the commitment to buy ZERO plastic water bottles – not just this summer or this year…but E.V.E.R!

If I forget to carry my refillable water bottle, I drink from water fountains or I do without – works as a motivator to remind me to take my refillable bottle.

My hope is once you become of aware of you plastic purchases, you cannot become “unaware”of them. (Just like once you learn something, you cannot unlearn it.)


Now, I know there are times, when you might feel like you HAVE to buy something made from plastic – it could simply not be made in any other material (i.e. bike helmets). My hope is that if you HAVE to buy something in plastic, you at least make the effort to buy recyclable plastic – and then RECYCLE IT! (Or buy something you plan on having and/or using FOREVER!)

While I’m not one to push the negative side of things, if you’d like to read more bad effects plastics are having on our planet, here’s an article from Scientific American.

Also, if you’re contemplating buying a gift for someone soon – or a special treat for yourself – maybe you would contemplate purchasing something made from Recycled Plastic from one of these sites:

Food for thought..yes?!? And, I would love to know your thoughts as I share my progress of creating a more “green” home and life,
~ Lita

P.S. I’m not being compensated for sharing any of the above…just sharing :)


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  1. Hi from a new follower visiting from Blog Frog.

    Wow. If the ideals alone of living green don’t get you thinking then your photos will. It’s so sad. Last year I started making changes for a greener lifestyle and home. The very first thing was to give up buying bottled water. My son and I were shocked when we did a little investigating and realized how many plastic water bottles we throw away every month. Not any more! My next step is switching to greener cleaning supplies.

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    • Isn’t it just unbelievable once you pay attention to the plastic in your life how much there is?!?! There are some things I simply haven’t found an alternative for yet like dish soap. I try to buy the biggest container I can and then pour it into a smaller one for usability. That’s all I can come up with so far. Thankfully, there are so many options for greener cleaning supplies on the market right now so you don’t really have to make your own – though I’ve found vinegar and baking soda can definitely go a long, long way.

  2. That photo of the turtle is just heartbreaking :/ I’m not as green as I’d like to be right now, and not very good with recycling. But I am planning to upcycle some of my more recent plastic purchases.

    Good for you for going more green!

    • oh I know the turtle is so sad!! I’ve found going green a little at a time helps me stick to it. Plus, here in the Bay Area they make recycling oh so easy..which is a big help. Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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