Coco Bidet(please read this post with a sense of humor)

So, paper napkins are a thing of the past in our house.

Paper towels – minimalized – as in we still have plenty left on the first roll I opened at the beginning of the year. We tend to use rags now to wipe our counters down.

The next big challenge in the fight against wasteful paper use – toilet paper.

Ugh – I’ve read a lot about this one. And, honestly, just didn’t see a possibility for us (I won’t get into details here).

That was, until…..

coco bidet


Here’s the backstory:

About a month and a half ago, Pops was in Hawaii playing working with a friend on a screenplay. The hotel they stayed in had these “bidets” built into the toilet seats.

I heard how amazing these bidets were…


Now, for someone who acts pretty helpless when it comes to looking up information on the internet, let me tell you, Pops came home and was in full research mode to find one of these special toilet seats.

He found the one he wanted here.

If only I had recorded the tone of overwhelming joy in his voice when he called me at work to tell me he found them!

Oh, and ordered one, too.

At first, I was a a bit skeptical about this whole thing. I wasn’t too negative, but I certainly wasn’t overwhelmed with joy.

Now, I’m a convert.

These bidets are wonderful – oh, and super easy to use.

coco tools

We were told that over 70% of all the households in Japan already have one.

It’s the end of toilet paper my friend….yes, it’s the end.

Did I happen to mention the seat-warming feature? On a cold winter night this becomes the best luxury in the world.

I love that the Coco installs right onto your existing toilet too. No major construction necessary to be able to have one in your home – phew.

So, for my eco-tip this week I suggest everyone get out there and get themselves a Coco Bidet, use less (or no) toilet paper and save the trees!


P.S. the people who make this Coco Bidet do not know me and certainly haven’t compensated me for speaking about these – I’m just sharing because it’s what I do.



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  1. I’m tired of using and buying toilet papers every time so I guess, I’ll this bidet a try. Are you still using this coco bidet, Lita? Still giving comfort? :P

  2. Ok, I like the idea of no TP, although I think it will have to wait until the girls are older. I imagine it would be fun to play with. I do have one question though. I clicked to the site and noticed “enema” as a feature. Huh!?! :)

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