kimodo the alligator lizard

This is Komodo the alligator lizard that lives in my garden. A lizard who is now Hunter’s friend.

Notice that I am not the one handling Komodo. This is strictly a job for animal loving 6-year old Grandsons (and not squeamish 40-something year old Litas).

Most days Komodo gives me quite a start as I wander through the yard searching for what might be ripe and ready to eat. Even though I know he could be there, every day he still catches me off guard – the little stinker.

(oh, and in case you were wondering, I call him “he” not really knowing if Komodo is a boy or a girl – as a web page on alligator lizards says it is Difficult for observers to determine sex by casual inspection” – but I choose “he” because of the aforementioned description of him being a little stinker and most little stinkers in my life are of the male persuasion).

kimodo our alligator lizard

Certainly, I could have more than one alligator lizard living in my garden, but most days I know exactly where to find this one – or where he’ll pop out at his attempt to startle me – which is why I assume it’s the same one. That and also, the above-mentioned web page stated that they inhabit the same site for many years”.

What I do know for sure, is that Hunter is a huge animal lover and he loves Komodo. He especially loved making a little home for him in a container in the yard. It was precious to watch him hold him, bring him snacks, pet and talk to him continually. Little boys at this age can be just so precious and sweet.

Of course, Komodo had to be put back into the garden at the end of the day. I could see the inner struggle for Hunter when I let him know this. He has just the sweetest heart and watching him struggle with letting his new friend go and knowing he was doing what was right was such a tender moment to see.

I assured him that he would see Komodo again.

Sure enough, every day this past week, as I go into the garden, I see Komodo peaking out at me.

Do you think he might actually be looking for his new buddy Hunter to play with?

Hunter and Komodo

I told Hunter I thought he was and, in Hunter’s sweet little world, I’d like to think so.


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  1. Awwww -I love that last picture – so sweet. Lizards are something I don’t freak out over, maybe because I know they won’t attack (they won’t, will they?) eek!
    We have a few that hang out in our back yard.

    • hmmm…attack…I don’t think they will…now I’m afraid to look that up. I think I’m going to go with no since he seemed really calm with Hunter handling him – and I’ll definitely leave that to him :)

  2. THAT’S what those things are!

    as a fellow new englander– didn’t it freak you out the first time you saw lizards running around your yard?

    hunter is absolutely darling– look how happy!

    • YES!! it completely freaked me out and still does daily!! As long as he doesn’t grow and start demanding food, Komodo can stay :)

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