The Honey Challenge

For a little over a week now, I’ve been participating in the “Crunchy Betty Honey Challenge”.

Crunchy Betty Honey Challenge

What is this, you ask?

Well, basically, it means, honey is now my new (favorite) facial cleanser.

Yes, honey!

You know you have a jar just sitting there in your cupboard, so quick, go get it.

Why honey, you ask?

There are a lot of reasons including it’s incredible antibacterial properties. It also has beneficial enzymes in it and, the part I love most, it makes your skin look GREAT!

Trust me, I’m not just saying this – which is why I’ve put off posting about it for over a week now. It’s not a fluke, it really works, and it’s amazing. I mean, didn’t Cleopatra use it? And wasn’t she known for her beauty?

Worried about removing your makeup before using the honey cleanser? Well, there’s a Crunchy Betty post about that too! In fact, the whole site is chock full of information, recipes and tips for improving your skin naturally – mostly with items in your kitchen (and you’ll truly enjoy Leslie’s sense of humor and writing style – at least I know I do).

Want to know more? or join the challenge? Well, then head on over to The Crunchy Betty site and read about all the benefits honey provides for your skin and the simply steps to washing your face with honey.

Let me know if you join the challenge too and what your results are! Good Luck!


P.S. Leslie at Crunchy Betty is in no way paying, encouraging or bribing me to share my love and experiences with her site and this challenge. Just sharing because it’s what I happily do!


8 Comments on The “Honey on Your Face” Challenge

    • So wonderful to meet you too!! I’m still a bit overwhelmed and trying to figure out how I will start to write about the weekend. Meeting you was absolutely a highlight! I’m looking forward to checking out your DIY projects :) Hope you like the honey…I didn’t bring any with me to San Diego and certainly missed it. Next time I’ll put some in a little jar to carry along.

  1. Jen, did you made the honey photo? It’s awesome!

    One of the best body uses for honey I know is applying it in the sauna. It detoxifies your body by drawing every known toxin out of it when used in the hot room :) Try it :)

    • Really?? The sauna – I’m definitely going to have to try that! Who knew honey was so amazing for the skin – well, apparently other people knew, but I’m just finding out. Thanks so much!

  2. Oh this sounds very interesting! Anything that is good for the skin and right in my cupboard is worth a try. Going to check out the site now. :)

    • hope you like it if you try it…I can’t believe how amazing it is and I never knew…I’m glad I’m finally in on the secret!

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