green tips with vodka

Ahhh vodka, it seems you’re not just for happy hour anymore.

(truly, I can’t even remember the last time I even went to a happy hour – I simply have them at home now – getting old I guess!)

My interest in these using vodka tips started with a quick article I read in Health magazine and, just for fun, I looked up more information then thought I’d share some of what I found.

For anyone wondering, well, I’m calling these “GREEN” tips because if you use something you already have instead of buying new, I consider that being green. (and I’m just having a bit of fun)

Who knew there were so many other things you can use vodka for? Of course, I don’t think I’d use the “GOOD” stuff here, but low-quality, bottom shelf vodka should work just fine.

Vodka in the Bathroom and Kitchen:

– Did you know it works like vinegar as an eco-cleaner? Just pour some on a rag and wipe down your counters and sinks.

– It even helps prevent mildew, so use it on the caulking around your shower and tub. Spray the area, let it sit for about 5 minutes then rinse it off. The area should be bright and clean and mildewless afterwards.

Vodka in the Laundry Room:

– In case you didn’t already know this vodka is odorless – so no worries about your house smelling like a saloon. Which even makes it useful for removing certain unwanted smells from your clothing. Just put some in a spray bottle and spray away. You probably want to let your clothing dry completely before wearing it though possibly hanging it in a open area to do so.

– If you have any tough stains to tackle, pour some on a clean cloth, apply to your stain and then wash your piece as you normally would – it works great even on the tough stuff – yes, I tried this one just for fun because stain removing is so much fun.

Before I tried either of the two above though, I would test a small area of your fabric first.

Vodka in the Garden:

– Vodka even has use as a weed killer. Fill a spray bottle with an ounce of vodka, several drops of liquid dish soap, and two cups of water and then spray directly onto the weeds you want gone. The weeds will need to be in the sunlight though for this to work – not in the shade.

– Another useful vodka tip for plants you want to keep aphids off of is to add four cups water, four teaspoons of dishwashing liquid and four teaspoons vodka in a large spray bottle. Shake the mixture well and spritz the areas of infestation.

– Did your honey come home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for you? (or maybe he picked them in the yard). Well, if you want to help them last longer add two teaspoons of vodka and one teaspoon sugar to your vase as you fill it and refresh the water every few days.

Vodka at the Beach:

This tip came from The Daily Green:

For vegetarians and others who don’t travel with meat tenderizer (or who don’t feel comfortable asking friends to, um, relieve the pain), take heart. Vodka can also disinfect and alleviate some of the bite of a jellyfish sting.

My question –  Does anyone travel with meat tenderizer??

Vodka in the Medicine Cabinet:

– Apply a dab of vodka with a q-tip to a cold sore to help dry it out.

– For a minor earache, you can even add a couple of drops into your ear. Let it sit for a few minutes and then drain it out. The vodka should help do away with any bacteria that is causing you pain – I believe hydrogen peroxide would help here too.

– Also good for a minor toothache – just swish a little bit of it over the sore tooth (don’t swallow…well, unless it’s close to happy hour). As your gums absorb some of the vodka, the pain should ease and the vodka again will also help to disinfect the area.

I really am amazed at all the uses vodka has, these are just some I found, but truly, let me state that it IS probably more reasonable and a lot less expensive to just use rubbing alcohol or my favorite cleaning products vinegar and baking soda for some or all of the above.

Plus, let’s be honest, if I’ve got vodka sitting around the house, then I’m probably drinking it with something – preferably some sort of juice – creating my very own Happy Hour.

Got a good use for vodka? or a tasty drink recipe? Please share!




P.S. I’m not claiming to be an expert on …well… anything. Just sharing something interesting because it’s what I do.


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