Yep, it’s Blog Birthday time again!! WOW, this is the second birthday for this blog and I’m super excited to be starting year #3!

To celebrate I’m giving away a vegan handbag created by Susan Nichole!

I purchased this one a while ago, and now I’ve noticed that it’s no longer available on the Susan Nichole site – a little bonus for someone who was wanting this style and unable to get it!

It’s been all wrapped up and stored in it’s bag since I purchased it, and here’s what it looks like:

Susan Nichole Handbag

I LOVE this style and can see it used when your dressing up or dressing casual. Of course, all her products are VEGAN!! I already own a couple of her purses and I LOVE them!

For more information on her products, please check out the Susan Nichole Site.

For weekly chances to win handbags, wallets and more  from her line, join Susan Nichole on Facebook every Thursday night at  10 PM/ET (7 PM/PT) for their ONLINE PURSE PARTY.

To enter, just let me know “do you have a favorite item in your closet (vegan or not) that you can’t live without?” in the comments below.

It’s that simple!!

Right now, I cannot live without my black Dansko vegan clogs! So comfy, so supportive and so stylish!!

If you’d like additional entries, you can:

  • Like Lita’s World on Facebook, then leave a comment here on this blog saying you’ve done so, and/or
  • Follow Lita’s World on Twitter, then leave a comment here on this blog letting me know, and/or
  • Become a follower – subscribe through a reader HERE, or by submitting your email address in the right menu bar and hitting subscribe. Just leave another comment here letting me know you’ve done this – YES, subscribe through each and it’s another entry.

This contest is open until Midnight January 31, 2012 Pacific Standard Time. The winner will be selected using and posted the following day.

Good Luck and thanks so much for entering!!!



P.S. I’m not being compensated in any way for sharing how much I love any of these handbags…just sharing what I love because, well, it’s what I do.

P.P.S.  I can only ship to a winner in the U.S. or Canada…sorry, if you’re visiting from somewhere further away, but thanks for coming by!


Since I’ve posted this, I’ve been nominated on Circle of Moms to be in the top 25 vegan/vegetarian blogs. I hope it’s not too bold to ask my readers to vote for me.  You can vote once a day, every day until February 14th. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!


476 Comments on 2nd Blog Birthday Handbag Giveaway

  1. It’s not in my closet, but I treasure my Missy wallet from Susan Nichole Handbags!!! :) Thank You for the chance at this awesome bag!

  2. Wow! You have a lot of followers now. That’s great! Good luck, whoever wins is a lucky one

  3. An item I keep in my closet that is invaluable to me, and cute to boot, is my Lilo & Stitch travel case originally bought from the Disney Store. Side note, <3 Susan Nichole's bags and would love to win this!

  4. The item I can’t live iwthout is my skinny jeans! I have a favourite pair that I wear all the time!

  5. One thing i cannot live without is my pair of skinny jeans.They have the perfect fit.Love SN bags…

  6. i really love how i fit in old navy jeans i also love their hoodies also did all the additional entry’s you stated above thx :)

  7. Liked, following on Twitter (Demonslayer53) and Subscribed via Yahoo. Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Just love Susan Nicole Handbags.

  8. i cant live without my blue lambretta boxing boots that my dad brought me they are trendy,comfy and funky,they go with my skinnys great and i love them as they remind me of my dad, thanks dad i love u so much xxxx

  9. I have a pair of vegan boots I wear all the time. I am sure my kids get tired of seeing them on me. I can’t live without them..:)

  10. This is gorgeous! I’ve never tried there,products I’d love to though! My favorite thing I can’t live without us my comfy sweater!!

  11. I love my flip flops. I couldn’t live without them. I know that sounds silly but its true!!

  12. I just “Liked” your facebook page! I couldn’t live without my Susan Nichole “Roxy” bag! I have it in black and silver!!!

  13. I can’t live without my new Cruelty Free shirt from Compassion Company! It’s so amazing!! I recommend checkin em out! That and my new faux leather jacket!

  14. I can’t live with out my pair of jeans that I have had for about 10 years, they fit me perfectly and are so comfy! I also “LOVE” Lita’s World of Facebook and signed up for e mails…I look farward to all the fun stuff that’s going to happy now and I hope hope hope I win!

  15. Cannot live without my camisoles! I have at least one in almost evey color & multiple black ones. As a professional, I do not want to show any skin if my top pulls away from my pants. Also helps to hide that gap between buttons. Oh, the benefits of a camisole!

  16. As crazy as it sounds, MY FLIP FLOPS!! LOVE them!! Simple, easy and in EVERY color!! <3

  17. I am a new fan of yours on facebook and I’m following you on twitter from @grannydean04

  18. I can’t live without my plush house shoes! I work between 8-10 hours a day standing on concrete in steel toe boots and my feet hurt! When I get home I immediately go and grab my plush house shoes because they soothe my tired achy feet!

  19. i liked u on facebook earlier this morning. my name is carole berrio dupuis. im also following you on twitter under caroledupuis58. i cant live without my slipon vegan clogs!

  20. I can’t live without my “Just Jack” sweatshirt!!!!! I wear it everyday…if I could get away with it…I would wear it to work everyday!!!!!

  21. I love my Yosemite sweatshirt. Reminds me of the wonderful time we had on our trip there. I wear it every chance I get==even here in Florida.

  22. I just liked your facebook page. Can’t wait to get to know your blog and fb page. I love Susan Nicole handbags!

  23. I can’t live without my soft terrycloth hot pink hooded jacket. I use it before and after working out — it is so cozy!

  24. I can’t live without my favorite sweatpants…seriously, I can’t wait to put them on on the weekends! :)

  25. I cannot live without my GAP open cardigan sweater from 3 years ago. It has seen me through two pregnancies and two amazing births of my daughter and son.

  26. I’m following you on twitter, liked you on facebook and added you to my yahoo page :)

  27. The one thing in my closet that I can’t live without, at this moment is my Hoodlamb hemp winter coat. It’s so warm AND it’s environmentally-friendly!

  28. liked followed and signed up. Love Susan’s bags and knowing that this one is no longer available makes it even better

  29. Love the vegan bag via Susan Nichole has, the one thing in my closet I can not live without is my sweater. It is kinda like a jacket long with a hood and button up front and is just so comfy and cozy.

  30. I cannot live without my wicked good slippers in this COLD weather! Would love to win my FIRST Susan Nichole purse! :D CONGRATS on Blog bday :)

  31. I can t live without my high top black boot slippers… With the winter here I love their comfort and warmth they provide…. especially after a long day at work…..

  32. I don’t have a favorite item in my closet that I can’t live without. I think that calls for some shopping :)

  33. I’ve liked your site on Facebook. I can’t live without my groundhog blue button mid-calf boots. Most comfy shoe I own and I wear them with everything! Would love to win the SN purse.

  34. I have Susan’s Love bag and I just love it. Have it in eggplant. Congrats to your blog’s bday! I just found you through Susan and we have like minded blog’s! I just did a bday giveaway with a Susan Nichole bag and it was so much fun. Enjoy and I am now a follower. I will share this on my fb Naked Moxie wall too! Cheers ~ Dr. Lisa

  35. My fav is a blue NorthFace fleece. I truly wear it year around. Throw in the wash,dry and good to go!

  36. I have pins and colorful socks that I wear to work because I wear a uniform and so I’m dressed exactly like everyone else. Creativity doesn’t want to be held back so I collect pins and brooches to wear. It’s fun and lets me be me.

  37. My favorite item in my closet is of course my Susan Nichole Pink Love Bag!!! I LOVE it!!

    Marcella Cook
    emmerswee at gmail dot com

  38. And I just “liked” you on FB as well as subscribed to your newsletter. Does that give me extra credit? :o)

  39. My Earth shoes! I wear them often as they help with back pain and I wouldn’t sell them for anything.

  40. I liked you on Facebook I’m Kaylynn Bolgrihn. Honestly my favorite thing in my closet are my pajama pants. I love pajama pants they are so comfy.

  41. I recently bought a pair of skinny espresso-colored pants from Not Your Daughter’s Jeans–and now can’t imagine life without them! I can wear them with boots, or flats, or heels; dressed up for work or an evening out, or dressed down for the weekend; with pinks or browns or creams or blues. Best of all, they make me look 10-15 pounds thinner!

  42. So, I have entered every possible way and I do not currently own something that I cannot live without, but I can see this purse filling that void in my closet :)

  43. By the way, my favorite vegan items in my closet are my faux fur coats and my faux leather boots.

  44. Happy birthday and thanks so much for the chance to win this beautiful purse! I want to win because this bag is gorgeous and I have been wanting it for a year now but never purchased it. I hope I win so I can use this as my new work bag. I liked you on facebook and followed you on twitter……daisydeesuarez

  45. My favorite item in my closet is my little black dress. This dress always makes me feel super sexy and it goes with every pair of heels I own!!!! This bag would be an awesome accessory to polish off this outfit for a fun night out! I liked you facebook page and about to head on over to twitter! Cant wait for a folow up! Peace and <3

  46. Happy birthday and thanks so much for the chance to win this beautiful purse! I liked you on facebook and followed you on twitter……daisydeesuarez

  47. Toms shoes (classic). They’re cute and super comfy.I love the fact that for every pair purchased, a pair of shoes is given to a child in need. Can’t go wrong! =)

  48. I can’t live without my legwarmers. If I don’t have them on, I am freezing! It makes a big difference when I put them on – I can’t function when I’m cold
    chichijunk at cs dot com

  49. I like you on FaceBook to look it up it’s Jennifer Allen Phillips, but it comes up Jennifer Phillips on the page. I don’t know I did something wonky on FB and it’s strange now lol :D But I like your page and I’m there

  50. Last year I lost 26 pounds, the thing in my closet I can’t live without are my sneakers of course, I wear them DAILY when I work out, and for running errands! :)

    Cute purse, and if you are into random stuff, I found a bra that matches the blue on the top part of that bag perfectly so if I win I’m totally wearing that bra the day I wear that bag out, and the fun is, only I will know….well and now you too…..and if you tell them, then Susan Nichole will too….LOL

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  51. Followed on facebook, twitter @kunfu_kt, GFC, email, and subscribed through My Yahoo.

    I couldn’t live without my hat scarf. It’s so convenient. =]

  52. I Like Lita’s World on Facebook, Carole D.

    What a beautiful purse. The colors are amazing.

  53. I think I might just have to say that I too…love my new organic robe I got for Christmas from my sweet husband. So soft & warm…I wish I could wear it to work! “Liked & shall follow” & look forward to more from you Ms. Lita! Happiest of New Years to you ~ ?

  54. I can’t live without my head scarf..i take chemo so no way would i want to be without it!

  55. I could not live without my big fuzzy robe. It’s not glamorous, but after a long day there is nothing else I would rather wear!

  56. These days, in the midst of winter it’s a toss up between my long johns, the long sleeved t-shirts I layer under everything including my work shirt, and my clunky winter boots. All so necessary when it’s -35 nd the dog’s having a blast running like mad for a couple of hours, or the 40 minute walk to work, and even sitting at my desk at reception by the constantly opening door.

  57. Aloha! I’ve liked you on Facebook, subscribed to your page/blog, and am following you on Twitter. Thank you for the giveaway!

  58. Yes, I have a vintage sweater jacket that belonged to my mother. I wear it with a long sleeved “T” and jeans. Love it, love it.

  59. I can’t live without my memorabilia I have in my trunk. It’s stuff that is sentimental and cannot be replaced.

  60. Liked on FB….I cant live without my fluffy robe! It may be old and ragged but I call that BROKEN IN!!!

  61. I would love to win a Susan Nichole bag. Thank you for the opportunity. I liked on Facebook, Twitter and also subscribed to your newsletter.

  62. I follow Lita’s World on Twitter. I’m @swtthing3 on Twitter.


  63. Designer shoes are great but there is nothing like a soft pair of slippers to count on at the end of the day!!

  64. I can’t live without my sweatpants and t-shirts it has been 8 months now since I have had my baby and I still can’t get into my clothes if not for the sweats and t’s I would be naked. lol

  65. I have the most awesome pair of black heels. Believe it or not they are so damn cute and comfy at the same time. People stop me to say how cute they are all the time.

  66. I Like Lita’s World on FaceBook. I’m Mary Pope Cummings on FaceBook.


  67. My favorite pink sleep tee is vital to my happiness. I would also find joy with a SN bag!

  68. Right now…I can’t live without my handmade dog leash! I know that isn’t much of an accessory…but my 15 year old puppy that I’ve had since she was 6 weeks old is nearing the end of her long, beautiful life…and I can’t bear to be away from her for even an hour right now…so that leash is permanently attached to my hand for the time being. Since my sweet l’il Tasha doesn’t count as an item in my closet…her leash is the next best thing :) We also can’t live without our old and faded organic Bob Marley hoodie…we both fit inside it when we curl up on the couch with hubby and the kids!

  69. I subscribed to you on fb, found out about it through Susan Nichole’s fb. Good luck everyone! I always carry a purse with me, it goes with every outfit :P

  70. I’m not much of a close horse so there is probably nothing that I can’t live without but I do love my quilted fabric purse. If I won this purse, I would give it away to my daughter who loves Susan Nichole’s handbags but can’t afford to buy one! It will be interesting to read your email newsletters!

  71. I can’t live without my jeans–you can dress up or down with them and a great pair of shoes :-)

  72. my favourite item in my closest has to be my light purple scarf :) it has a chic bohemian flare and it just brightens up any dull outfit!

  73. I can’t live without my fila sneakers. They are super comfy and feel great onj my feet even after running errands all day. Liked, followed and subsribe. Thanks!

  74. I sent some LOVE to you and LIKED your FB site. Congrats on your 2nd Blog Birthday!!

  75. My favorite item in my closet is my Grey Skechers with rhinestone bling.So comfy and chic!

  76. i liked shared and joined your blog. And i would have to say i cant live without my nightmare before christmas purse i got from hottopic 2 years ago

  77. The bag is beautiful!! I have liked you on facebook, followed on twitter and subscribed to your feed….I can’t live without my pink sparkly ballet flats and Reebok valour jacket and pants!!

  78. I can’t live without one favorite pair of my denim jeans that are worn in just right. :)

  79. I can’t live without my Susan Nichole Natasha in Cream vegan purse. I absolutely love it. I love purses anyway and can never have too many.

  80. I have some chocolate brown corduroy pants that I go to often. I have long-sleeved silk tees in solid colors….cinnamon, teal, navy blue…I grab one of them to wear with the pants. Comfy as can be.

  81. Followed on twitter and liked ur FB page:

    Twitter: @meowingAtDmoon
    Facebook: RO (just my initials dont feel comfortable leaving full name)

  82. I can’t live without my WSU jacket my daughter got me. I hate to admit this but I havn’t carried a purse in a while now. There are just some things I choose to give up to help my daughter get thru high school and now she is in college studying to be an Athletic Trainer. I carry everything in my pockets, They only thing I can’t give up is my mountain dew. And I have a Birthday this week also.

  83. I love my vegan hemp t-shirt. It sure would look good with that beautiful vegan bag!

  84. I always need black leggings – soft ones for comfort, and denim ones, too; plus a v-neck tunic, always. My vegan shoe choices have not been the greatest, but I’ll keep on trying!

  85. Opps I forgot to say in my previous post that I liked Litas World on Facebook and I also subscribed to your emails

  86. I am following you on twitter and I have tweeted you. I am new to the whole tweeting thing so I hope I did it right :)

  87. I did everything. Liked, shared,followed,tweeted! Thank you for the chance to win! You are awesome!

  88. A sundress purchased 15 years ago for $3 that is no longer proper for public viewing but I wear it everyday!– and now following!

  89. I have liked your FB page, following you on twitter and following through google reader!

  90. I have just liked Lita’s World on Facebook, Followed Lita’s World on Twitter and signed up for the blog to be delivered to my email! I would love to have the beautiful bag. I <3 my yellow LOVE bag!This one in the give away is another of my favs. It would be nice for something good to happen for me. I love handbags. Best wishes and keep up the good work! Blessings.

  91. I am not subscribed via email! That is a cute nickname your grandson’s call you.

  92. I’m not really sure if there’s something I have to have, I guess it would have to be my bearclaw slippers my hubby got me for Christmas. They’re warm and super comfy

  93. I am following you on twitter now Jen! Thanks for the giveaway! Best of luck everyone.

  94. I love Susan moviles handbags! I wanted this style to:). Congrats on 2 great

  95. Love and live in my Rainbow Sandals…..have them in every color and thank goodness we live in Southern Ca because they are all I wear year round…..

  96. I cant live without my black leggings. I am in love with leggings and a nice long sweater dress. Add heals, flats, or boats and I am good to go ;-)

  97. Liked on Facebook and following you on twitter :D

    The thing I cannot do without in my closet it my grey gauze-like scarf that someone made for me for my birthday. I absolutely love it!

  98. I love my Crocs – have several different styles and colors, but my favorite are my leather one’s. They go with everything. Liked you on FB too. Woo hoo – love Susan Nicole bags!! Happy 2nd Bday!!

  99. The one thing I cannot live without in my closet is my black button cardigan and yes it is vegan. It is a must to put on when the office is cold or to put something under my jacket during the cold winters.

  100. I can not live without my shoes!! All of them to be exact… Flip flops to snow boots, stilettos to sneakers! I must have them!

    Like you on Fb and sharing page!

  101. The main thing in my closet I can’t live without is a sweater that my Dad brought me back from New Zealand. It is made from sheep wool and is so warm and toasty!

  102. I can not live without my Susan Nichole purse and wallet I received as a gift. I would so love another one for my special nights out with my husband. I hope I win this one too.

  103. My Sketcher strappy black wedge sandals!! I love them, they are light weight and can go dressed up or down! I love them…although I can’t wear them right now cause of the snow! :(

  104. Liked the page! Awesome opportunity from Lita’s World! Thanks SO much for the opportunity to WIN this purse! Congrats to Whomever WINS even if its not me:)

  105. I can’t live without my comfy black tee that fits just right…I wear it all the time at home.

  106. I can’t be without my black satin shift. It’s Calvin Klein. I picked it up at TJ Maxx for a song and it’s one of the nicest things I own.

  107. I’m loving this oversized leopard print jacket my MIL gave me. It’s keeping my pregnant belly warm this winter! :)

  108. I’ve liked Lita’s World on Facebook! Following Lita’s World on Twitter, my twitter name is dizzygirl1, I subscribed to you your email. My email is Thanks so much for the great chance!!!!

  109. Well I use to own a really comfortable pair of knock off uggs that I would call my uglys. I loved them…but when my house flooded in August because of hurricane Irene….I guess she (Irene) wanted them more….I have bought a few pairs since, and nothing compares to my original uglys. :(

  110. Love the purse and love the web site!!! Glad I found it! Definitely going to share this site!

  111. liked, followed and subscribed cool contest my fiancee would love this thanks!!!!!

  112. I cannot live without my tank tops. I know it sounds funny but I wear them under my shirts to keep me warm then when I’m hot it is easy to take off my shirt and cool down at home of course!

  113. Right now I can not live without my knitted scarf and hat. I just moved to WA from FL and it has been a huge weather adjustment.

  114. I can’t live without my sweatpants and anything I own Under Armor. I’m quite the tom boy and this purse would send my friends over the edge!!! lol lol

  115. I can’t live without my bearpaw furry boots! They look like two walking poodles but I LOVE them LOL!!!!

  116. The only thing in my closet that I can’t live without is my German Loden coat…my mom gave it to me years ago, and I will never part with it, even though it no longer fits! lol

  117. Right now I can’t live without my Zaggora Hot Pants. I must be in tip top shape for my cruise in March. Zaggora Pants along with P90X and my vegan diet will help me get there.

  118. Would love to win this for my wife she is terminally ill and love the handbags and we have an anniversary coming up and she would love it

  119. I can’t live without my sweatpants!!! I bet that’s not what anyone expected, lol. But its true! LOVE sweatpants!

  120. That’s a gorgeous bag! My must have in the closet is a velvet robe that I wear all winter long. I can’t live without it! Keeps me super warm at night!

  121. I have a Susan Nichole purse, the cream NATASHA. I honestly can’t live without it..and I would LOVE another purse, because I am quickly going to wear this one out. It’s so versatile and pretty. She makes good stuff. Thanks for having this contest, and Happy 2nd Birthday!!

  122. I cannot live without any of my cardigans! They’re fashionable, and I can dress up or down with them.

  123. I absolutely can’t live without my hot pink converse high tops. My daughters make fun of them, but they bring back the fun of being a kid again!

  124. I can’t live without my hooded sweatshirt. It’s freezing here during winter. Luckily my aunt was able to find a nice beige girly one!

  125. I cannot live without any of my cardigans! They’re fashionable, and I can dress up or down with them

  126. I can’t live without my favorite rings! I have a frog one, a turtle one, an elephant one, and the most awesomest humongous tiger’s eye ring (just to name a few of my most favorites)! OH I LOVE MY RINGS!

  127. I can’t live without my Knee High Boots.They would look wonderful with a pair of jeans tucked in them and a Tunic Long Sleeve Top with Belt and this Susan Nichole Vegan Handbag.Thanks so much for the chance at a great giveaway and congrats on your upcoming 3rd year!

  128. Would love to win this for my wife she is terminally ill and love the handbags and we have an anniversary coming up

  129. I just can’t live without my Levi’s. I know everyone thinks I am crazy but you can dress them up or down and theu def never go out of style.

  130. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my Susan Nichole “Chocolate Pixie” handbag! That and the “Peace” wallet I bought at one of their BOGO sales are my favorite vegan accessories!

    Peace ~ Molly

  131. I love my big comfy white college sweater that has the initials of UCI on it! Vegan, of course.

  132. I can’t live without my tunic tops right now. They go so well with leggings, jeans, capris and more that I wear them too much. So easy to get dressed and so comfy. I just have to have my tunics, for now anyway.

  133. I can’t live without my Merrell’s. They are my favorite shoes for walking the dog since I gave up on my sneakers that I had to keep stopping to tie and its too cold to walk without gloves!

  134. I currently can not live without my SILVER jeans.. They are so incredibly comfortable!

  135. Actually, I don’t have one live without item. Sad, but I don’t love anything in my closet that much.. :(
    Happy Birthday!

  136. I’d have to say my little black dress. I can dress it up for work and totally rock it on a night out!

  137. i cannot live without my nike jacket. i won it so it has that much more value to me : ) plus its super warm!

  138. Right now I can’t live without my black Payless Airwalk fake Uggs. Yes I live in Southern California but it’s been cold here and I’ve been toasting and comfy! No animals harmed.

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