The vacation crew at Cerritos

See this amazing group of people pictured above?

Well, I was lucky enough to spend 5 days last week with them celebrating Nia’s 50th birthday in Mexico.

We all stayed at Cerritos Surf Colony on Cerritos Beach in Mexico.

Up until a few days before we left, I actually thought there were only 12 of us going on this adventure. It was such a joy to have so many more people going – and it was so much fun taking over 1700 photos of the all the fun we had.

Yes, I took that many photos and No, not all of them are worth sharing, but I have uploaded a collection on Flickr that all are welcome to view. Click Below to be taken to the photos:

LitasWorld Flickr photos for Cerritos Mexico

Our 5 days together were filled with fun surf,

Jimi surfing in Mexico
my hubby catching some waves

beautiful music,

music making in Cerritosand lots of delicious food and drink,

food enjoyed in CerritosBTW, I ate my lifetime’s share of beans, rice and fresh guacamole. Well, at least I thought I did, but I promise, I could have it all again tonight!

Along with the 1700 photos, I took some videos of the music that was played. As you can imagine, there were incredible musicians and singers on this trip! I don’t have all my videos uploaded yet, but here’s a start:

Nia Peeples, John Watkin & Shen Schulz

Chris Hayzel

Daniel Paige

Look for more videos on my YouTube Channel LitasWorld1

Expect to hear lots more details on this trip soon!

And, since it’s Monday and you may have stopped by here for a “Meatless Monday” recipe. I don’t have one ready to post but, why not try this Tamale Shepherd’s Pie from the Post Punk Kitchen – It looks FABULOUS!!

Happy, healthy Meatless Monday everyone – I hope to be back in the groove soon sharing more vegan recipes and green tips!