London Day 2

Day 2 of our trip and the tour begins. Today we traveled around the beautiful city of London getting to see a lot of the major sites.

As you can see in the photo above, the city (and we later saw much of England), is still decorated from celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee!

Queen's Jubilee

What an exciting time to visit! And, of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Buckingham palace.

Buckingham Palace

And then seeing the changing of the guard:

changing of the guard

Of course, Pops couldn’t resist joining in the marching!

Jimi marching with the changing of the guard

Then, we were off to make a stop at Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey

where we also caught views of Big Ben, the London Eye, and

Big Ben and the London Eye

the Houses of Parliament.

Houses of Parliament

I just love all the details built into these old stone buildings.

detail on Houses of Parliament

Simply Stunning!!

Next, we head over to the Tower of London – where we catch a view of the Tower Bridge (if you look close, you can see the 5 Olympic rings tucked under the upper part of the bridge where they’ll be lowered for view when the Olympics start):

Tower Bridge

and the Tower itself where we’ll get a chance to also see the Crown Jewels.

Tower of London

Oooh and also see those eerie ravens that must always be there (giving the city good luck).

Raven at the Tower of London

Final stop of this touring day is St. Paul’s Cathedral – which is truly magnificent.

St. Paul's Cathedral, London

Phew, that was a lot to see in one day!!

Want to see more of my photos from day 2? If so, check out my Lita’s World Flickr Set for London Day 2.

Come back tomorrow to see how we spent day 3 of the tour where we’re off to Stonehenge and Bath!





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  1. Gorgeous! I had no idea trombones were involved in the changing of the guard. Made me smile. I am so envious! Some day I’ll get there, but until then, at least I have your pics to drool over. :)

    • OMG I should’ve have taken video too so you could hear them play!!! I thought I was prepared but then it all happened so fast and the crowds were on the move…guess I’ll have to go back to get some video :) heehee

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