Liverpool Beatles Tour

Next tour stop – LIVERPOOL!

Which basically means The Beatles!

At least on our tour it did. We arrived in Liverpool in the late afternoon – just in time for a Beatles tour – and then we promptly left for our next destination in the morning.

But being there for just a Beatles tour is no small thing and, I believe, it was one of the highlights of Mimi’s trip.

First stop – Penny Lane

Penny Lane

Yep, there really is a Penny Lane (I’m not a Beatles trivia pro, so don’t laugh at me that I didn’t really know this), and this is how the lane looks from the bus:


Penny Lane

According to our tour leader, this would’ve been a street John & Paul walked along often to get to school. And there’s still an intersection that has a barbershop, a shelter in the roundabout and a bank on it – as mentioned in the song.

“Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs”

Barbershop Liverpool
Not the best photo, but the barbershop is at the very corner

“On the corner is a banker with a motorcar”

yep, still a bank on this corner

“Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout”

and still a shelter in this roundabout

Our tour leader played coinciding music with our stops which made the tour even more fun – picture a whole bus of people singing Beatles songs!

Next stop, Strawberry Fields.

Strawberry Fields

John apparently wrote this song about his memories playing in the garden of this Salvation Army house.

Again, Mimi is in heaven visiting here!

Strawberry Field

Strawberry Field

We did tour around the city a little bit after this stop checking out the waterfront and some of the neighborhoods including the boys school some of the fabulous four attended.

There are signs of The Beatles everywhere – even actually “on” the buildings!

John Lennon statue on building

Our next big stop – The Cavern Club!

The Cavern Club Liverpool

Also, a nice place to end this night’s tour and relax listening to some really, really good Beatles tunes!

The Cavern Club Liverpool

The Cavern Club Liverpool

To see more of my photos taken in Liverpool (and at the Cavern Club, etc), please visit my Lita’s World Liverpool Flickr set.






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