Bath, England

For me, 2 words came to mind on traveling to Bath – Jane Austen!

See, I’m a huge Jane Austen fan. I’ve read all her books – numerous times, I might add. I’ve seen all the movies of her books, and movies about her life and movies about others who also love her and her life (i.e. “The Jane Austen Book Club”). And, I must admit, I LOVE them all.

So, back to Bath, well, she’s been there, she had a place there, her characters have gone there and well, that was all very exciting to me!

The Jane Austen Center

What I found out about Bath is that there’s a whole lot more to see!! AND it’s just gorgeous!!

It is just such a beautiful city (and luckily we visited on a gorgeous day).

Bath, England

Seeing the beauty of the cathedral,

the history in the Roman Baths,

Roman Baths
Statue in the Roman baths exhibiting the popular hairstyle of the day.

The incredible Georgian architecture of the Royal Crescent,

Royal Crescent in Bath, England

Royal Crescent Georgian Architecture

and the quaintness of the town,

Pub in Bath

all added to the amazing experience we had while visiting.

Not to mention how fun it was to have a pint while watching England beat the Ukraine team in the UEFA Euro Soccer tournament that evening.

For more photos of our time in Bath, please visit my Lita’s World Flickr set for Bath.

Oh, and on a side note, be sure to go visit!!!

Let me know if you’re a “Jane Austen Groupie” too…maybe we can start our own book club!!!