Stratford on Avon

As we continued our travels northward from Bath, we stopped for a visit in the town Stratford on Avon. Stratford is best known for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare. He spent much of his life here and therefore it is also where you can find his gravesite.

It’s a beautiful little town with many shops and theatres to see. Here are some of my photos from our visit:

Anne Hathaway’s house – notice the thatched roof
The beautiful gardens at Anne Hathaway’s house – I love floxglove!
William Shakespeare’s home
The church where William Shakespear is buried
Beautiful waterfront in town.
Royal Shakespeare Conservatory
Pops & Mimi enjoying the gorgeous weather on our visit.

For more photos of our stop in Stratford, please visit my Lita’s World Flickr Stratford set.

Next, we’re off to Chester a medieval walled city.