Ready for the top 5 Fabulous things that happened in my world this week? I hope so and I hope one or more may add some inspiration to your world too – at the least make you smile!

This week I had so much fun going to a SF Giant’s Game with my friends Mickie, Collins and Jacqueline! It was an absolutely gorgeous evening in the city – the weather was perfect and the sky with the bright moon was gorgeous.

Giants Game

Though the Giant’s didn’t win this game, we had a lot of fun cheering them on into extra innings. Every time I go to a game I wonder why I don’t go more often…actually I say that every time I head up to San Francisco for anything. I love this city by the Bay and I’m definitely going to make it a point to head up there more often! (as I write this I realize that I actually have gone up there once a week for the past 3 weeks – woohoo I might actually be making a goal of mine happen!)

 Who knew how tasty nuts can be after soaking?!! And who knew that both nuts and seeds are better for you after they’re soaked? Well, apparently some people knew, but truly I did not until I started reading a post about this topic on the Healthy Blender Recipes site.

soaking and dehydrating nuts

Apparently, soaking nuts and seeds helps remove the toxic substances (that protect them from being mowed down by bugs, and that can also reek havoc on our digestive system) and makes the protein, nutrients and vitamins A, B  and C in the nuts easier for our bodies to absorb.

So, I decided to soak some nuts – a lot of nuts actually since it’s just the two of us here at home. I soaked more than I would need to eat in one day, so after I soaked them I used my dehydrator to dehydrate them to store in jars for later use. (This is a bonus because I actually pulled out and used my dehydrator and will now hopefully be motivated to use it more often!)

Want more healthy tips on soaking AND sprouting nuts and seeds? Head on over to the Healthy Blender Recipes site for a wealth of information from Tess Masters – not to mention some fabulous vegan and raw recipes!

 Lunch with the monkeys (aka AWESOME Grandons)!! Always such a special treat to have these handsome guys come by to have lunch with me!!

Westly & Hunter

I think it will be happening a bit more often now that my daughter Libby works right down the hall from me!! Can you believe that??? She got hired by a company that is literally the only other company in this same building on the same floor as I work!! How’s that for fate! YAHOO!!

 This month’s Goodebox came!!

Goodebox treats

Oh how I love to get these vegan, earth-friendly treats to try!! Yes, I’ll admit I am a bit girlie in this way. It’s just so much fun to get new products to try!!

Goodebox goodies

This month the box included:

100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream and their Fruit Pigmented Gel Cheek Tint – both are vegan!

A Perfume Organic perfume in Urban scent. This perfume has ALL the scents I love combined – lime, basil, lavender, grapefruit and ginger. They’re blended together creating a perfect summertime perfume. I now want to try this line’s other scents – Green, White Magik and Perfumed Wine!

Benecos maximum volume mascara – which you can find at the Love True Natural site. This mascara came at the perfect time as my current tube is pretty much scraping bottom right now – and I am definitely one of those girls who needs mascara! I look like I have no eyes at all without it!

Emtage Hair’s SILKTage rejuvenating styling serum for creating a silky smooth hair texture – and bonus adding some shine! Another bonus it smells yummy!

Miessence intensive body lotion. This delicious geranium and patchouli scented lotion is one that I truly won’t be sharing with Pop’s (FYI he tends to be a lotion hog). It leaves my skin so soft and smooth without any greasy (or slimy) feeling….love!

Natural Vitality Natural Calm’s relaxing magnesium supplement. I’m excited to try this as I do tend to be a bit of an anxious worry-wart at times. If adding this magnesium and calcium supplement can help, well then, I’m in! And who could go wrong with the raspberry-lemon flavor. I’ll keep you all posted!


Aaahh yep, this week I got to spend more time in the studio. I’ve really tried to make this a goal of mine because whenever I do spend time in there just creating anything, I seem to feel better about everything else going on in my life. I’m certainly not claiming to be some FAB artist at all, I’m just someone who likes to lose herself in her art supplies seeing what she can come up with – oh and I certainly watch enough online creative classes to have an endless list of inspiration. This week’s canvas was inspired by a Creative Canvas class taught by Donna Downey. Here’s a glimpse of the canvas I worked on this week:

red poppies canvas

There you have it – my Fabulous FIVE from this week! WOW it’s August already – how is that possible!!

I hope everyone had an amazing week as I feel I have! If you’re lucky enough to be at BlogHer ’12, I can’t wait to hear about it!

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Happy Friday everyone!!




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