We made it to Florida – Pops, Libby, Robert, Hunter, Westly and I!!

I’m so excited that we are all here!! We’re staying in Lake Buena Vista near Disney Village…er…well, it’s now called Disney Marketplace.

This is my first time visiting Kissimmee on vacation!! I mean I did go to High School here, and my mom still lives here (and I do visit her) but I’ve never come on this type of vacation! We thought it easier, since there’s so many of us, to stay in a hotel right near all the “tourist” (meaning Disney) action.

It’s so great to have the Grandkids here with us and I can’t believe Libby has not been here since Pops and I got married here nearly 18 years ago!!

Our first day, we kept things a bit low-key do to the time change issues after traveling and headed to Gatorland (a 110-acre alligator theme park and wildlife preserve) before heading to my mom’s for a BBQ. Here are some photos from our adventures there:

The Morris Family – Robert, Libby, Hunter & Westly

Gatorland Animals

Hunter, Robert & Westly
Hunter learning about and getting to hold a Burmese Python
Even Westly took a turn to hold the snake!
Taking a “swamp” walk and learning about the area with our expert sign reading guide Hunter
A visiting friend on our swamp walk.
Pops admiring the scenery
Feeding the tortoises
so sweet!!
A beautiful day for ziplining around the park too!

Central Florida weather at its finest – a great way to start our trip.

More fun soon!!

Too seem more of my photos, check out my Lita’s World Flickr set!

Happy Vacation week,


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