butterfly in flowers at Epcot

Have you missed me??

WOW, I’ve missed blogging!! Sorry I’ve been away so much and, truly, I don’t see that changing much until after the holidays…sorry!!

A quick check-in…

Yes, our Florida trip was AMAZING and I have tons of photos to go through still and to share:

My precious goofy guys – Westly, Pops and Hunter!

Now we’re getting ready to leave in less than 2 weeks for Thailand and Cambodia – oh my gosh I seriously need to get organized for that!!

AND there’s Thanksgiving before that and preparing for Christmas since we won’t return home until mid-December….AND…AND…AND!

I’ve seriously just been swamped at work…busier than I can remember being in a very, very long time!

That’s a good thing, right??? well, it is on one the hand for my company, but it’s not so good when I need time to blog, work on photos, take more photos, finish my online LightRoom class, etc. etc. etc. etc….

Do you have times like these?? when you’re just so swamped you have to remember to stop and breathe?? If so, then you know what I mean…

oh, and nevermind that Pops thought it was a good time to buy an RV for future family adventures – another story to share…do you remember the movie RV with Robin Williams? Sure to be us and I’m sure Pop’s has more up his sleeve to distract me too!

So, this is just a quick note to say, I’m not gone (for good), just super busy and hoping to check in a bit more over the next few weeks, but if it’s few and far between, no worries, all should be calmer after the new year.

Aaahh…breathe….relax…enjoy a cocktail or two…

cocktail at from Mexico's tequilla bar at Epcot
Yummy blood orange margarita from the tequilla bar at Epcot’s Mexico -YUM!

and have a super fabulous holiday time of year and keep the faith that I’ll post whenever I have a second or two!!



P.S. the butterfly photo is one I shot just roaming around England at Epcot…I promise it’s the first time I think a butterfly has been still enough for me to get it together with my camera to get a shot :) is that considered a sign of good luck?! – I hope so!!