We’ve been home now almost 3 1/2 weeks and I still feel so affected and have so many images and ideas roaming around my head from our trip. Touring Thailand and Cambodia and small sections of Laos and Myanmar was definitely eye-opening for me. I’d say this was the best vacation I’ve ever had – certainly not the most relaxing though. We were on the go quite a bit – some days up by 5:30 AM and out by 7, but I really wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

I’ve been going through my photos and re-living our tour and thinking so much about all the fabulous people we met – the people who really made our trip such a joy! The first stop on this trip… BANGKOK!

Bangkok – it’s crowded, humid, polluted and even smelly at times, but it’s also very SPECTACULAR!

The photo above is a view from our tour bus into Chinatown. It looks like the hustle and bustle of most cities, but as our first visit to a city in Asia we found it quite a bit different.

One of the highlights of touring Bangkok was visiting Wat Pho to see the golden Reclining Buddha – which seemed impossible for me to fit all in in one photo.


Wat Pho is actually a temple where the Buddha was said to have lived. It is also one of the largest and oldest wats in Bangkok.

Also impressive were the mother-of-pearl inlaid feet of the Reclining Buddha. They are 3 m high and 4.5 m wide and are 108 carved panels showing the auspicious symbols with which the Buddha can be identified with.



We also visited Wat Phra Kaewon our tour to see the home of the Emerald Buddha.


Check out this wikipedia page to read more about the Emerald Buddha.

We definitely saw and experienced a lot more in Bangkok and even experienced the wonderful scents of walking through the flower market:


To view more of my photos from Bangkok and the rest of our trip (I’m adding the sets as I complete editing them), please visit my Thailand photo collection Flickr Page.

More trip details and photos coming soon!