I’m hoping that everyone’s new year as been a very HAPPY one so far!!

I’m (kinda) ready to get back into the swing of things – I will definitely admit this little break I’ve taken has felt very good and rejuvenating.

I’m thinking this blog might be headed in a whole bunch of new directions this year. It’s just where my mind is at at this moment and I hope you, the readers, will find this fun and exciting.

It’s definitely not that I’m quitting being vegan or that I’ll stop trying to be as “green” as I can be – and I’ll certainly continue to share any and all of that journey here. But, I also might roam into other areas talking more about say photography (my current obsession – as if you couldn’t tell), sharing books I’m reading or movies I’ve seen or crafts I’m working on and hoping for your feedback and conversation in those areas too. It is still such a thrill to get any and all the comments I receive here and I cherish all of them…thank you!!

So, basically, this blog could go anywhere as it evolves into this new year. OH, and I’m open to suggestions also!

My goal is to keep this blog fresh and growing on whatever path my life takes me. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be open to where my life goes and to be present during these moments.

Now, throughout the life of this blog, I’m sure I’ve hit upon all the topics above a time or two. One new topic I’d like to share this year is my goal towards simplicity through minimalism.

I’m no pro here, let me tell you. What I do know is that the more minimal I make my life through lessening my belongings and obligations, etc, the more calm and at peace I feel. I certainly have a long way to go before anyone calls my house, studio, closet or calendar minimal, but I’d like to work on this goal as even the little I’ve done so far feels so very good.

Any thoughts on this new year, new path, resolutions, etc? Please share and please let me know your goals for this new year too!!

Much happiness and joy to all,



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