Veggie Grill

Today, I’d like to share one of our current, and luckily local, favorite vegan restaurants the VeggieGrill!

VeggieGrill at Santana Row in San Jose, CA

As of right now, they have locations in Southern and Northern California, Oregon and Washington – so basically a West Coast sort of place.

veggrille decor

We simply LOVE this place! All menu items are vegan – 100% plant-based. AND I’ve noticed that the veggie proteins they use are made by Gardein from organic and non-GMAO soy, wheat and pea proteins!

veggiegrill menu

They also have many gluten-free items on their menu for those of you with an intolerance!

veggrillmenu (1 of 1)As I sit here looking at my take-home menu, I also see that nothing on this menu with a price over $10 – What a DEAL!!

We’ve eaten  at our local VeggieGrill about 4 times now.  Once for our son-in-law’s birthday. What you need to know is he is NOT a vegan – yet, he still chose the VeggieGrill as his birthday restaurant choice because he simply LOVES it (which makes the rest of us super happy!)

Their hearty veggie dishes will please even the most picky eaters too!

Our recent trip there, this past weekend with some friends, had us enjoying these dishes:

Uptown Nachos
Uptown Nachos
VG-Cheeseburger with a side of chili
Crispy Chickin' Plate
Crispy Chickin’ Plate with a side of Kale
Grillin' Chikin' Wrap
Grillin’ Chikin’ Wrap

You truly must try their Cauli-mashed potatoes and gravy too (I had it as a side with my wrap).

Cauli-Mashed Potatoes & Gravy
fresh cauliflower blended with mashed potatoes, porcini mushroom gravy with fresh rosemary

They even have kids’ meals for $5.95 with choices from 3 entree’s, 4 sides and 2 desserts to choose from:

Chickin' Nuggets
Chickin’ Nuggets with a side of kale and chocolate pudding dessert

I cannot recommend this place more!! So, if you happen to see one opening in your area, be sure to check it out – you won’t be sorry!!

Happy Meatless Monday,




P.S. I almost forgot to mention…I was not paid for this post or compensated in any way…in fact, I’m sure VeggieGrill has no idea who I am. I’m just sharing something I love…just because.