What a week!


I truly cannot come up with any words, for this blog or for myself, that help me understand the tragedy of the bombing that happened during the Boston Marathon.

I know many unthinkable things happen every day all over the world. At times, I feel the pain of all the needless losses everywhere.

Possibly the curse of being a highly sensitive person.

It’s not simply being vegan that makes me aware of the needless cruelty and harm that is done in this world…I believe we all experience it – it’s called being human.

When it all becomes too much and, I curl up in my little introverted world…it all becomes unthinkable….unfathomable really.

Having come from Massachusetts and having most of my family still living there, I am grateful that none of them were caught up in this tragedy. I cannot express the relief I had when my oldest and dearest friend Maura – who I knew was, during the weekend, running a race ending at the marathon finish line, was home safe with her family when the bombs went off. Relief…and then sadness for those who were not as fortunate.

My incredible Grandson, Hunter, turned 8 years old this week – the same age as the little boy who lost his life from one of those explosions…leaving me again with thoughts that are unthinkable.

I’ve worn my Boston Red Sox hat this week…not as an attempt at getting attention, but as a statement of the love I was sending to the people of my home state and all they were going through. It was truly amazing how many other people I’ve met while wearing it. Those who came up to me and who also got teary-eyed with me just sharing how our loved ones were doing through all these events. A sign about how much we are all very connected no matter where we are.

For I truly believe we are all…every single one of us…connected.

It’s why we can rejoice when others we see – even on television – are doing well, and why we can mourn when we see others are saddened. It’s why we can celebrate the achievements of athletes and feel the pain of others who are injured.

In a less serious way, it’s why 42, 000 fans of the San Francisco Giants can passionately sing “Sweet Caroline” during the 8th inning of the Friday night game in support of our fellow humans in Boston and the trauma they have been going through.

SF Giants

I truly hope all of you and your families are safe and well following not only the Boston bombing tragedy, but also the explosions in Texas and really, all the tragedies this world has experienced lately.

I’m off to hug my family and truly appreciate all the moments we have together.

Sending Peace, Love and Light,