As many of you know, if you follow me on Facebook, Pops and I went on an Alaskan cruise this past June (over his 65th birthday).

Pops had never been on a cruise before and I had been on a short one to the Bahamas with my mom a few years ago. That trip followed the tail end of a hurricane so, I would say, it didn’t go so well for me.

We weren’t sure if we’d like cruising, but, luckily, we found out we LOVED it!

I did find out I have a horrible time relaxing…but I’ll dive into that more in another post.

We left out of Seattle on our 7 day adventure, with our first stop being Alaska’s capital city, Juneau.

Juneau Sign

As you can see on the sign above, the yellow dot to the lower right-hand side of the state shape is where Juneau is located.

We were very fortunate on this trip to have a personal tour guide. Pop’s childhood friend Nick’s sister Stephanie has lived in Juneau for about 30 years and, lucky for us, was available to give us a tour around.

Stephanie & Pops (please excuse my horrible focus!)
Stephanie & Pops (please excuse my horrible focus!)

After a quick drive along Juneau’s main roadway looking for a mama bear and her cubs (that Stephanie had seen earlier) we headed over to the Mendenhall Glacier.

That is the glacier behind us as viewed by the visitor center

I must say, it was pretty spectacular to me to see a glacier – oh, and check out the amazing (truly unbelievable) weather we had!

Mendenhall Glacier

There was a trail along the water’s edge that you could take to get a closer view. So, of course, Pops & I headed out on the 45 minute round trip hike to see what we could see.

Mendenhall Glacier

The views were just amazing…and as you can see there’s a waterfall towards the right of the photo above – this is where we’re heading.

We made it to the waterfall – the rush of cold, misty water was amazing and also felt good!

Mendenhall Glacier Waterfall
Entering this in the I Heart Faces Shadow Contest! – Shadows!

Lots of people had the same idea!

Mendenhall Glacier Waterfall

Here’s a view facing back towards the other side of the lake:

glacier lake

And a closer view of the glacier:

Mendenhall Glacier

At the visitor’s center we found out the deeper blue color shown in parts of the glacier are areas that have just calved (where chunks of the glacier have fallen into the water).

After visiting the glacier, Stephanie drove us out to St. Theresa’s Shrine.

St. Theresa's Shrine

Such a beautiful, peaceful place in the woods.

As we got there, the weather turned and it started to rain – but as we found out in Juneau, wait 5 minutes and the weather will change again!

Notice the eagle in the bottom right of the photo above – I was so excited to see our first eagle of the trip!

Thanks to Stephanie for such a lovely day touring around Juneau. I know the weather isn’t always so spectacular, but I’m so happy we got to experience it and to see such gorgeous sites.

We’re then departed Juneau…next stop Skagway.

Juneau from the cruise ship



P.S. to view more of my Juneau photos, please visit my Lita’s World Flickr page.